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  1. For sale an unbranded black patent thigh boots, size 41, used couple of times only, top condition. The heel is 13 cm. Total shaft incl. heel is ca. 82 cm. Pics: https://ibb.co/m0mf6C6 https://ibb.co/6bsXm9z https://ibb.co/VpSkkFM https://ibb.co/z73jMJz https://ibb.co/yNcRwFv https://ibb.co/9vHrFfH https://ibb.co/5Knj9Vx https://ibb.co/vzhjxJR https://ibb.co/F4qXRL1 https://ibb.co/2g4rMcs Make offer. Thx
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mori-Luxury-Thigh-High-Boots-Size-42-Red-Leather-NEW/264332610048?hash=item3d8b738a00:g:FxgAAOSwxINc5Rz1
  3. They're belonging to my girlfriend. She wants to get them rid off because he hates the back up zip.
  4. Because I got the images from the producer's site, didn't want to unpack the pair I have for sale.
  5. For sale a pair of new unused Gianrico Mori Red Leather Size 42 Full Length Zip With Studs At The Back (as pictured below): Still in original box. Never worn and unpacked just for the photo session (the photo comes from a different seller and with a different size, the boots I have for sale are identical). PM if any interest for high res pics and price etc at pkrl5758@gmail.com.
  6. If you have EU 41 then I'd be interested to see what you have.
  7. How does it compare with the old Leatherworks then (if you have any)?
  8. Got a pair in size 42 women, can send pics if u are after it still.
  9. What's the quality/type of leather used by the Sky Scrappers? Does it kinda thicker type as with Italian Heels or Mori brands so you can "feel" the upper on your leg or does it a very thin type of leather? Some brands tend to use the very thin leather which isn't as good as it should be.
  10. Too late, I deleted the pics from my PC. You should advise it somewhere on the forum before deleting someone's work. Not fair at all.
  11. For sale is a pair of ultra long crotch black latex thigh boots with 18 cm heel and with full zip. The heel is metal and sole is standard (beige). The boots are new, not used. Make offer and/or ask questions.
  12. I did some research and many people are complaining much about its poor communication, much longer delivery time and, what's most important, their measurement (some of members here had experienced a faulty/bad measurement). Maybe someone, who have ordered any pair can tell more? Did they improve their service now?
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