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  1. Are heels still going?

  2. Are black patent ones still going
  3. Are the black patent ones still going
  4. Does anyone know what has happened to highheelschatroom.com?
  5. Whats happened to highheelschatroom.com ?
  6. I notice you're in Telford. I'm only up the road , by Oswestry. If you fancy meeting up send me a message. Pete

    1. Daz34


      that would be cool

  7. I accept Credit card payments through PayPal. If you'll send me your address, I will send you an invoice that will allow you to send it. I can post the shoes to you tomorrow.

  8. $150 is fine for the shoes...shipping cost to the UK is $45.50 USD, but I am willing to split the shipping cost...how is $150 + $20?

  9. Could have a meet up in Telford
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