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  1. CAT

    Nice avatar!!!

  2. An interesting article! http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-masculinity-fragile-20150923-htmlstory.html
  3. In the old days (see small pic), with 2 inch platforms. They are not too expensive, relatively easy to find in large sizes, and comfortable, but they are not stable on uneven or unsure terrain, so I gave up on them in favor of 1/2 in. or so soles.
  4. It also strikes me that ads for high heeled shoes almost always label them as "Womens," as if we wouldn't know that if we weren't told. Maybe they should stop labeling them and see if sales go up?
  5. Most, but not all, high heel sandals have a nice elliptical shape to the front footbed of the shoe, However, feet are not elliptically shaped - the big toe is usually (most of the time) the longest one. Therefore, the big toe and often the 4th one or so tend to overhang the nice elliptical shape. High heeled sandals with a footbed that is shaped more like feet include Karo's cork wedge heel slides (love them!) and the Pleaser Vogue line. With a closed toe shoe, the toes are sort of forced into the shape of the shoe, which is hopefully wide enough to accommodate them.
  6. Here's another link to the video from Shoes of Prey (on YouTube). She starts with just standing up! This is the same video that mtns of heels posted yesterday, but a different location for it.
  7. Nothing to do with the shoes, but I liked the music on the video, by Annette Larsson from Norway. She has a country music album on iTunes.
  8. I don't know what you wear in Iowa, but shorts and T-shirt is pretty average for summer in California, whether you are mowing the lawn, going to the store, or going out to dinner. Same in Hawaii, even at a nice restaurant. One would hope for a collared shirt, but not always the case.
  9. This link from 2013 may have been posted here before, but I found it most entertaining. http://www.buzzfeed.com/angelamv/i-wore-stripper-heels-for-a-day
  10. There are several of these around, for instance: Dallas, Texas: http://www.seaofshoes.com/ Edinburgh, Scotland: http://www.shoeperwoman.com/ Los Angeles, CA: http://vivaluxury.blogspot.ca/ Toronto, Canada: http://www.shoe-tease.com/
  11. I'm with Heel-Lover on this. Everyone at the salon knows and sees - no problem - they are all very friendly.
  12. I still wear short ones to the gym, though not quite that short. I do not like the long, baggy shorts that are the fashion now, at least for guys.
  13. An interesting and entertaining history of high heels on You Tube.
  14. Online ad from 6PM.com: Glad they recognize this!
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