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  1. I agree with Heike, I wear 3-4” heels to the office every day, never platforms and mostly black...lol! For me they are comfortable all day and my fav brands are nine west and guess which seem to work well with my feet.
  2. I totally agree with Histiletto, and there are definitely some genetics at play. I have been comfortable wearing heels forever and the first time I stood up in a pair of 4" heels I could walk in them comfortably, and for me wearing 5" heels for a day is also not a problem. That being said 4" heels are definitely the more practical and comfortable choice for me. I think a lot of that ability has to do with the suppleness of your ankle and if you can bend your foot down so the line down from your shin is straight to your toe area, you should be able to wear 5" heels, if not you will be more comfy in 4" and lower. There are not a lot of people who can wear 5" + heels comfortably as one needs to be able to bend your foot even further down so your ankle start looking like a lump, and very few girls can do that. Generally women are more supple in their joints than men, so I think there will even be fewer men able to do that. But no matter what heel height you are comfortable in, enjoy it and don't worry about it if you are not comfy in those 5" heels, most women who wears heels every day are are also only comfy in 4" heels too…..
  3. Being on a sand dune in heels are definitely the worst in heels...
  4. wow, brainless self harmer is definitely a new one, but it does say a lot about the person making such a comment too……
  5. For me 5" heels (no platform) is a sexy and still practical heel height......
  6. Hi Louise, It was noticeable that people tend to treat you very differently, when you are dressed well and that also will differ from place to place. At work some of the "not so well dressed ladies" would like to joke about dressing for s.x or makes jokes trying to portray a well dressed lady in heels as a b..ch etc. I think it might come from some people having inferiority issues maybe and they can't understand why someone loves dressing up if they don't have to. when I travel or go to meetings its a very different treatment, as a well dressed lady are usually treated with more respect like opening doors for you, offering to help with the luggage etc...
  7. I totally agree with highheelchic, 4-4,5" for daily wear and up to 5" for going out..
  8. Any girl who gets a compliment from a guy should be ok with it, as long as he has not been following her around, thats when it gets creepy….
  9. Hi Sangue, I have also regularly experienced the same bias, and more so in smaller towns. Luckily people in the cities will be less concerned about what others are wearing, but I have also experienced some bias at work where people would not believe that someone can actually enjoy wearing heels every day. I love dressing classy, yet conservative.
  10. Hi there everyone, thanks for adding me. Just a girl who fell in love with high heels a long time ago, and still love wearing them many years later…..
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