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  1. :smile:they look nice and there is soo much variety. i like collecting them
  2. yes and i got them after years and years:silly:..IN MY SIZE! LUCKY ME.
  3. probably heels made from rubber. I dont care becuz I dont follow trends, what comes out the runways doesnt mean I will wear it. most of them to me look tacky. I stick to classic looks that I like, my personal style..not trends. if pink hair is the new trend, does it mean I will dye my hair?
  4. No, It is sick and it goes against human nature. Im most likely going to get comments from left and right but I could careless, when society accepts immoral behavior and defends it, everything goes down from there. Its God they will have to answer to in the afterlife.
  5. yea, thats what I was thinking!!!!! I dont wanna risk getting a large size and have to wait in those long postal office lines to return. I had that feeling that it would be on the bigger size.
  6. oh Im not getting the shoes from zappos, its from another site, I just used zappos photo for an image of how the shoe looks.
  7. Im a size 6.5- 7 in shoes, do u guys think this will fit if i got it in a 7.5???, becuz the site im getting it from has them only in a 10 or a 6 or a 7.5 http://www.zappos.com/bebe-stanley-silver?zfcTest=prodPage2a:0
  8. I wanna buy these in a 7, Im usually like a 6.5-7 in shoes...do u think they will fit http://www.shoecrush.com/Charles_Jourdan_Chaya_p/c1034.htm I dont like when there is space in my shoes when im wearing wedges or mules/slide ons, i would rather have it more snug, then loose. do you think i ordered a correct size?
  9. the ones i saw on a site went up to a size 10
  10. does anyone know if Bebe heels run small or large?? cuz normally im like a 6.5-7 in shoes but i read a couple people in yahoo answers and other forums say they run 1/2 size smaller, others said theyre true to size what better place to ask this question than hhplace.org:wavey: soo anyone ever try on bebe heels or own bebe heels that can tell me if they run smaller or larger thanks
  11. I wanna go on zappos, but they dont accept money order....I want a shoe that looks like this...its a wedge with a curve shape in the back http://www.gothamcityonline.com/product/index.cfm?brand=Steven&styleid=&AID=&color=&dept=2&MID=32971&Size=&bid=1063&Stock=970968
  12. they even sell them on sites targetted to juniors "go jane" http://www.gojane.com/37235-shoes-thigh-high-architectural-boot.html
  13. is there a shoe site(THAT ACCEPTS MONEY ORDERS) THAT SELLS THONG SANDALS LIKE THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1wxz-5ehMI http://nyshoespy.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/baby-phat-cork-wedge.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/29114868@N08/3375210608/ thanks:wave:
  14. sorry moderators, I posted in the "guy" section by accident, it was late at night when i wrote the message and i got scrambeled up thinking it was the "everyone" section. so dont mind my post guys,sorry:unsure: its been a while since i been here.
  15. I bought jessica simpson's ithika in burnt brown http://www.heels.com/womens-shoes/ithika-burnt-brown.html
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