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  1. Hello all you footwear fans, I agree with Happyinheels and Jeremy, if it has a heel big or small and you wear it on your feet then it should be considered. Esheels
  2. Hello, My favorite type of heels are wedge, platform. This is the type I am most comfortable wearing but that's me. I try to wear heels everyday whenever I go out of the house Yesterday I walked the dog about 2 miles in my 4.5 inch Christian Shirano Ankle boots that I bought at Payless a couple of years ago. I will certainly miss Payless they Did have some nice styles at times and those I bought years ago are still in good shape and a pleasure to Wear from time to time. I love all types of heels and have many different ones and styles Some way more expensive than I should have spent, but all a joy to wear. Happy heel wearing whatever type you like best. Heels are great to see and wear
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