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  1. Well I think we have something common Pointy heels turning to platform round nose heels in the shadow cast ;). Pretty awesome
  2. @Highheeldude Something like this perhaps ?
  3. Those are mine. Paired with stockings and Shiny leggings can feel girly
  4. @flavioThanks for coming by. I agree there's no such a place for us to be 100% safe. We must have hope that someday that will change and our community will change. Thanks also for stories about Your countries. It was pleasure to read. I'm currently kinda busy at work and I don't have much time to go heeling but I managed to go one day in previous weekend. Only photos with no story behind. Apologies for those baggy pants but I only had time to grab shoes on my way to field trip. Next I will post my story about New Year's Eve 17/18
  5. Thank You Cali. Definitely I have to be careful in most of places here, but since few days ago I started to have strange feeling. Inside I feel a need to take heels and go somewhere, go for a walk but to have some destination. Day after day I feel more that walking in quiet places without reason(apart from enjoying heels) is not enough. Strange. I never felt like this before. Need to think about it.
  6. WenHH

    Cali World

    I like that combination Cali !
  7. Thanks for coming by ! Both of them are mine ;). Only my heels and my legs will be posted here, or photos like that in my greetings topic ;). Thanks again and I'm sure I will be posting more stories and adventures ! Cheers ! Patrick
  8. Thanks for kind words @nzfreestyler Craig. As You said few months back I didn't left my house in heels. Apart from New Years Eve 2017/2018 (Story is in a progress) where I took my boots outside to pick my female friend. Now I'm taking a field trips to get use to wear heels outside. Next baby step would be I think to go to a LGBT club with my fiance but I didn't spoke to her about it. Or I had in mind few days back that I should go plane spotting at night with her in pointy otk black leather boots. Either place I would go I will wear those beauties in the end of post. At the core we are all the same - that's true but I would say community, mass media will change our point of view. I'm glad that people are getting more open minded but it will take some time. Say Hi to Your polish friends from me
  9. Let me introduce myself, again. My name is Patrick and I live in Poland.For those who want to check my "hello" post, please do so, where I posted my first touch with heels. I'm currently living in a house 5 kilometers out of the city center with my fiance, her daughter which I have rights to take care of her instead of her biological father. Unfortunately there is my mother in law in the same house as well. My fiance knows about my heels and she's encouraging me, at least sometimes, to wear them around house when we are alone. Few words about Poland for those who don't know this country. Very religious, intolerant, conservative. I know it's not nice to hate own country but I do. I hate it since I met a wonderful couple and together with fiance we spoke to them about their future plans here. Black male (I'm sorry if that word is offensive for someone) who spoke polish more fluently than half of population here and his lovely wife. She was from Poland. He had grandfather who was polish too. As we spoke for almost two hours about theirs "adventures" here I felt embarrassed how people can be rude, intolerant and racist in my country. I apologized for everything bad happened to them in Poland. That's how I started to hate my own country. How can You expect to wear heels as a Male here if we are still 100 years behind civilization ? I hope people will change in few years when more tolerant youngsters will grow up and old people (those are worst) will die. I'm not young anymore and not to old either. I'm 29 actually. People at my age are still old fashioned and not many of them are tolerant as much as I am. So back to myself I love heels and everything what's comes with them. I do like stockings and tights, matching skirt is good too. I usually pair my heels with pair of trousers either jeans or leggings. I'm just a man who likes wearing heels. I started to work as a security guard so no heels at work tho ;). In free time I like to take my heels to quiet places in public to enjoy walking in them. I like to push boundaries and have to set a challenges everytime I'm in heels. Either it's a new place to wear them or for longer period of time. Unfortunately I'm not wearing heels to public crowded places...YET :). Later I will post some of my adventures and stories I want to share with You. Also I will post some pictures of myself or heels as well. Have a nice day and feel free to check here for updates sometimes. Cheers, WenHH. Ps. One of pic I took when I was enjoying heels couple days ago
  10. Nice looking heels You have on those boots ! Where You buy all of Your boots ? Kinda curious about them. Look comfy and under jeans they will look like casual Male shoes.
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