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  1. I pretty much solely buy from Nine West now. I like the styles, the stores are always nice to go into and the customer service over the phone is bar none the best I have ever dealt with.
  2. Went out last night and wore the ones in my avatar to the mall and walked out with a new pair of heels. Shopping can be fun but it is all about confidence. If you can find someone to share in your fun it makes things a little easier. When i first started going out shopping for shoes I had a couple friends (female) that would go with me and dress up to take most of the focus off of me. After a while I was able to go out and just be by myself. Sure I got a few rude comments (oddly enough from women) but I shrugged them off and made a choice to just be me. What ever you choose to do I hope that you can be happy because that means more than being unhappy.
  3. I have only had one bad experience at Payless and that was years and years ago. I go in now and try on a few pairs then I quite normally will walk out wearing a pair. Never get anything but great service and always a ton of help.
  4. RonC I went to Nine West today and I was told the same thing so I hopped on the phone and talked to customer service. size 11s and 12s will still be available though mostly through phone and online orders. One thing I was told to note was that areas that have the higher sales for the largers sizes (9,10,11,12) will retain those in the stores. So if you have more than one store in your area I would check with them all. The Nine West in the mall is not going to be carrying the larger sizes but the outlet will continue to.
  5. I can do that as soon as I get my camera up and running again as well as getting someone else to take the photos....I am sadly not that flexible lol. Also Bluejay those are capris that came like that when I bought them but I do have a pair of skinny jeans I will roll up to get a nice look as well.
  6. Ahh my aplogies... A pair that you were wearing looked very closely like them.
  7. KH are those the Lovefury pumps in your last few pics? If they are how are you liking them? I got a pair and I have enjoyed them so far.
  8. 20 seconds of courage..... I would have used it to tell the love of my life that I wanted to marry her and to come with me.
  9. The only thing I don't do in heels is work outside or when i am doing carpentry. I would hate to mess a pair of my heels up while building a cabinet lol.
  10. By far I own more heels than I do guy's shoes. I have 30+ heels/wedges I have couple nice pairs of Lugz and a pair of steel toed boots for building stuff lol
  11. I am glad it worked out the way it did. It could have just as easily gone the other way. I think that if you can be confident what you wear is less important than the person that you are. Some people will see that others will not. As long as you are happy those that judge you on what you wear shouldn't matter.
  12. My Newest. Well these just came in the mail. Yay!
  13. Thanks TBG They are rare indeed andI am happy to name just about all them as friends now. most of the will send me pictures of new heels they are looking at buying to see if they would be good. My opinion is respected and I have on one occassion or another gone shopping with them. I enjoy the environment I am in because it takes forever to find a place where you can work that you can be comfortable. As with any job people come and go. I think at least half of the women I worked with at the time i started wearing heels to work have for one reason or another left the job and I have had a run in or two with new people but it is quickly resolved and with out any bad feelings from any side. Out of 12 that started the company only 4 are left from 1998. We have gone from 12 to 37 people working there so everytime we have a new person start (male or female) I always make it a point to introduce myself to them so that at least they know I am a generally good person with a wise-cracking attitude. That with more often than not win them over and produce a very good working relationship. It has been a fun journey and one that I wish I would have started sooner but all in al I am glad that I have the chance to be myself and to be able to enjoy something I love even at work.
  14. I mostly work with women so I don't have as much of an issue with wearing heels to work. I rarely have to deal with the general public (my office is in the back) so again I don't have as much of an issue. I tend to wear stilettos or wedges that are inbetween 3" and 5" depending on how I feel that day and how much running around i know I will have to do. Now mind you i have been with the business since it started in 1998 so i have been around for a while and it wasn't until 4 years ago that I even wore heels there. mostly i would wear cowboy boots ( I am in the somewhat southwest lol) over regular men's dress shoes mostly due to comfort. It wasn't until I went out one day a few years ago that any of my co-workers knew of my high heel obsession. I went out in a pair of peep toe pumps to go with a friend shopping at one of the malls in OKC and while we were there I ran (literally) smack into our accountant who was just walking out of one of the stores. She was happy to see me and had asked if my friend and i would join her for lunch. Of course I wouldn't turn her down but my heart was pounding due to before the only people I had to worry about were people that I quite possibly would never run into again with any kind of regularity. Now this was different, now i was standing in front of someone I saw everyday. I won't lie and say that I wasn't scared because I was at that time. I knew my friends were accepting and happy that I am the person I am. I didn't know how a co-worker would react. My thoughts ran to my job and I thought that this was the end and I could kiss 8 years with my company good bye and that would be the end of it. We went to lunch and everything went fine I was still nervous. After we said our good byes we left and headed back home. I knew monday would be a day to dread so I felt worse and worse. Finally monday came and I walked into work where as soon as I walked in there the accountant was talking to several of the other ladies and I could feel a deathly stare as i said good morning and went as quicklly as I could to my office. I felt like I was running from shadow to shadow trying to avoid everyone at work at this point when the day fianlly wound down and it was almost time to leave. The accountant and my boss walked into my office right as I was getting ready to leave and asked if they could talk to me about something. I thought "here we go, wonder how long it will take me to update my resume". They made small talk and asked my opinion about varoius projects we were working on so on and so forth. At this point we had been throwing ideas around for about an hour when they got up to walk out. The accountant walked out and my boss stopped. She tyrned to me and said, " Oh by the way we have talked to the other ladies here about what happened on Saturday and if you would like to please come to work in something more comfortable." I don't know how long I sat at my desk for before I got up to leave but to say I was shocked would have been a gross understatement. The next day I came into work in a pair of brown pumps and my knees were shaking. No one said a thing to me and I could barely stammer out and "Good morning". The day went on and most of the women I worked with were very friendly and came by to talk to me. By the end of the day the nevousness had worn off and I went to go home. Walking out the door the receptionist told me she liked my shoes and she would see me tomorrow. Since that day I have worn heels to work and often get asked where I got mine from. It was a gradual process but now I don't even think about it and I am enjoying it. Honestly I agree with the advice you have gotten here. I was lucky enough to work with people that had an open mind and had known my for several years before they knew about my shoes. Not everyone will be that understanding. It is best to start small and work your way up. I never wore anything other than pumps for about six months before I ventured into other types of shoes and I have had good reactions and bad reactions. I will never fault anyone that reacts at all but I will respect their opinion. If I am ever asked to stop wearing heels to work because it is making someone uncomfortable I will do so because it is honestly the right thing to do. The workplace should be a place where people should feel comfortable around their co-workers. Fortunatly I haven't ever been asked that and i can continue to be comfortable myself and the ladies I work with can be as well.
  15. Been 50/50 for me: Wife #1 Hated the idea that I liked high heels and didn't want to see me in them. Of course I think she just had something against heels in the first place since she didn't wear any herself. Wife #2 Was initally didn't know what to think and after many hours of talking, arguing, talking, yelling and talking she figured out that it wasn't a bad thing. It was fun since we were about the same size and she could wear mine for the most part. Unfortunatly we got a divorce and she took my heels in the agreement! Current GF is really good about and encourages me to wear them as long as I am comfortable. She is alot different than some of the women i have dated in my time but I love her to pieces because she loves me for who I am and not what I wear.
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