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  1. And if you get paint on them, it's a fashion statement . lol Nikki
  2. If your bed is not a bunk bed and you have a box spring foundation, you could trim a hole in the box and put your shoes "under your bed". Old empty computer case is another idea. Hope that helps. Nikki
  3. luvnheels, gald to hear that your fiance accepted your heels. I know hiding shoes from my wife was tough even though she knew about it. And congrats on the engagement. Maybe the two of you can find matching heels for the wedding . Nikki
  4. My kids are teens now and have known about my heels for about a year (maybe more, I don't know what the ex-wife has told them). I wear them out everywhere with them and as far as I know it is a non-issue for them. My daughter has pointed out that I wear heels to her friends on more than one occasion. Fortunately her feet are smaller or I wouldn't many shoes left. lol As to the OP, if you don't feel comfortable going out in the 3in boots and feel 'safer' in the 2in boots, go with the 2in. It took me a couple of months before I started going out in my stiletos. Nikki
  5. I, like many others, have purged a few times over the years. Most of my purges were forced however . From my own experiences I can tell you that the toughts of purging stem from social acceptance/peer pressure. I would feel the guilt of being different and think it would be better if I was "normal". I would consider purging and then procrastination would set in, which has saved my stuff on more than one ocassion. Nowadays I don't get that urge to unload all of my heels and nylons, it is a part of who I am and I don't feel guilty about that. Society is a cruel teacher. In life we are told to be individuals by our parents, teachers and friends, yet we are constantly taught to seek out differences in everything we do. We are conditioned to conform to someone else's idea of normal and admonished when we do not meet those expectations. As we get older we see those that are expressing themselves and being different, we are jealous and envious because we feel that we are not able to express ourselves how we want. We wind up feeling guilty for the things we hide in our closet and to try and remove the guilt, we clean it out. However the closet remains and we feel empty without something in there, so we fill it back up. I believe that part of the guilt also stems from the fact that we are hiding something and are in denial. I think most of those that are wearing heels openly and out in public would agree that they don't have feelings of guilt and wanting to purge. To be clear, I am not saying that those that keep it in the house feel any less or more about purging. In my years in various forums, I have read many stories of the guilt, purging and then feeling guilty for purging. I have also read many times the stories of opening up the closet and letting it out and how happy those people are now. I see that in this forum as well. Hope thiis helps Nikki
  6. I have found the novelty of my excursions has worn off since I started. It was great to verbalize my first steps in the world as a full time heeler. The stories now are more on the lines of I went out no one noticed or if they did, they don't say anything. The girls at work love it when I wear a new pair of heels, which is very encouraging. I will admit I have not posted much recently due to a number of factors. Nikki
  7. I have a prescrip for mine Doctor's orders "wear lower heels" (I was wearing 3 inch at the time) for diagnosed achilles tendinitis Nikki
  8. It's been a while since I've updated this. First thanks for the compliments on the heels. Unfortunately I had to return them as they were a bit to small and uncomfortable to wear. I exchanged them for a pair of black patent peep toe with a red platform and snake skin accent. Much to my amusement they have the girls at the office envious . I even figured out one of my female friends even has a nylon fetish as she makes it a point to touch my nylons and tell me she likes the color and feel. The past 8 months have been an adventure in discovery, expression and self confidence. I am still working on wearing bolder colors with my shoes and I will get there one step at a time . I would like to once again thank all the people here for their support. Nikki
  9. I would agree with the posts so far, the earlier in the relationship the better. If she doesn't accept it then neither of you have invested months or years into the relationship. The last 4 relationsips I have been in, I have been up front with the women within the first couple of weeks. All of them were accepting of it. My last relationship is my current wife of coming up on 8 years. While she does accept me and the fact that I wear heels, she would prefer me to be more 'manly man'. Actually, I guess that would make it more tolerence than acceptance. I will take what I can get with her. My sister-in-law however is alot more accepting of it and has even threatened to take me out dress shopping. If I were to re-enter the dating scene again however, my heels would probably be the first topic of conversation or not mentioned at all becuase they already knew. Nikki
  10. If someone wanted to restart it they may want to use the wayback machine to see if they could pull the previous articles. http://archive.org/web/web.php Nikki
  11. phosetim76 - the first outings are the hardest, especially in public, congrats. The first time I wore mine to work, I was a nervous wreck. Nowadays my pants barely go below my ankles and my heels on full display. Back to the OP - there are a couple of guys at work that have given me compliments on my shoes. The first time I wore my sneaker wedges, one of my friends actually came over and pulled my pant leg up to check em out. He thought I was wearing flats at first, haha. Nikki
  12. I am of the opinion that If you are comfortable with showing your heels it doesn't matter how long the pants are. I am ok with my heels on full display for everyone to see and I wear my pants in such a way that you can see them. If you don't want people to notice them, then I would suggest pants that come within one quarter to one half inch from the ground while in heels. The problem starts to come in if you have different height heels that you want to match with your pants. -Nikki
  13. Jim Here is a pic of the shoes I wore today. Nikki
  14. Today was another first for me, I decided to wear my Lane Bryant Red patent pumps to work today. I had mulled it over for a few days and was thinking of things I could wear with them. I tried to go with a christmas type theme to my attire, red shirt with red shoes and green or x-mas themed hose. To my dismay I was unable to acquire said nylons, so I went with black tights. I got compliments form lots of people at work, both guys and girls. One girl even said she was jealous (yes, she was being honest). Nikki
  15. The only boundary that I have yet to cross is color. My heels vary from blocks to wedge to stileto to cones and most of my heels are black. I have recently purchased a couple pairs that are colored. A pair of red patent pumps and a pair of purple/pink platform heels. I also make no attempts to hide my shoes either. I wear my pant legs rolled up to my ankles so my shoes are in full view. Nikki
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