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  1. Answer to Jeremy1986- I am lucky my shoe arsenal (if the silhouette on the screen has a lady wearing gladiator sandals I have almost the same pair that lace or buckle all the way up to the knees or even songs that have boots with heels I get real close) Makes the game even more fun. Especially when my wife Jennifer says don,t you have a pair like she is wearing! L.O.L
  2. Me and the family play Just Dance on Play station 4. And that uses a camera so I wear my high heel sandals and shorts and have a great time and the play back shows how much I need dance lessons But the fact I can see along with the rest of family (sister in-law comes over and wears her heels and we do a duet) a blast! Dancing on video helps with learning to balance and walk and do fancy moves and hoping to not fall. And it is one way to get online and show the world wide web my moves.
  3. Has to be Franco Sarto. My local DSW I shop at, the Manager her name is Jeanna she knows my tastes in heel size varies and when I walk in might be flats or 4 inch heels. When I first started shopping there. She asked if I needed help and what I was looking for, I said high heels. her and me chuckled for a minute. I told her I was a regular at Bakers shoes, But the styles always were on the narrow side and I wear a 9 and a half too a size 10 wide. She recommended Franco Sartos and showed me a few styles and told me to try them on and see how they fit. Not bad I told her. she had me walk around the store in the heels and said those look nice and that she wished that she could wear heels like that and that I walk very well in them (that is a good ice breaker). She knows I like strappy sandals with a 2 to 3 inch heel and will hold back a pair or two that she thinks I might like(no buying pressure). The staff is excellent and and enjoy me coming in. Even if I do not purchase ,The Ladies say I know more about the shoes and brands in the store more than them and they love my feedback. Franco Sartos then Nine West And any Feminine sandal that fits and is semi comfortable regardless of brand that looks pretty on my feet!
  4. My wife painted my toe nails years ago with OPI purple and I am hooked on this brand since. It does take a base coat and 2 color coats and a top coat for the nails to to look great. Also noticed OPI goes on better when temperature is about 74 degrees.
  5. My loving wife always says so what heels did you buy this time. She will say dont you have that pair already and I say yes but a different color(if they are comfortable and fit I try to get all available colors) My sister in-law has my back and does say she does the same thing because different outfits can go with different colors of the same heels or sandals even wedges. I do appreciate the feedback on my post. It really made my day! And to JKrenzer You are right nobody needs heels. But I am glad they are there if I need them
  6. Cali, That was quick reply. And those rules are very sound. I do need to set those kind of limits Never thought I would have more than one pair!
  7. I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to shoes. Even when I am low on money and show up to my local DSW or any shoe store and see a pretty pair of sandals or heels and slip them on my feet and how nice they look or feel. That I need them, even tho I might have a similar pair and after I spend this money I should have used it for ( ex-gas for the car or clothes) I have not wore my heels or sandals for about a month not even just walking around the house. they sit in their shoe boxes in the closet and even months ago I started wearing 2 and three inch heels(Gasp!) instead of the 4 inch heels./ I like having a shoe collection (about 100 pairs Franco Sarto, Nine west, Mix no./ 6 and BcbGeneration) I have a wider foot size 10 so certain styles are to narrow not to say I have not tried to cram my feet into those styles and have bought a pair or two or three even tho they are too tight. But I can still prance around the house in them and wish they were available in wide and I hate buying a size too big too much toe box and have yet to have a pair where my toes actually go to the end. I love this site All whom love heels and all the articles. Great reading. But now for a few years I just buy and wear once or twice and retire them to their shoe box and stumble on them months later I miss the excitement of the look or knowing that is a leather sandal or heel I am taking out of the shoe box I need to appreciate more what is in those shoe boxes in the closet. Than what heels could be in the closet. This is finally my time on the site. Long over due Thank You.
  8. I am 10 wide normally in heels. I would like to try them. would a 10 work? or should I try an 11. Feed back please. I love the look of the sandals by the way.
  9. I noticed an article on Yahoo which shows a man in High Heels and a Speedo. It is called This man slays walking in heels like no other. I read the article and the majority of the comments were not too positive showing a man wearing High Heels. There was suppose to be a video with this article but Yahoo has a way of not showing important parts or deleting key points! Has any other member seen this article and what do you think? He does wear the heels quite nicely with his muscular legs. But some comments refer to this as propaganda and a dislike for Cosmopolitan. because of the article.
  10. President Barrack Obama received Nobel peace prize when he took office and a few peoples eye lids fell off and still a few want to know why he received one? I do believe there were a few more people that deserved the Nobel instead of him. But this is not a political discussion. So I will stick to being happy wearing my strappy sandals!
  11. I see most people wearing flip flops and when I see ladies wearing heels they have a platform. Never see guys around my town wearing heels except me and I wear boot cut ladies levis that cover most of the heels. I actually am wearing shorter heel sandals because there are some really cute designs I like and some are sexy at that. 3 inch heels or sandals are breeze so why not enjoy at least for me. Some of the gallery pictures I have seen are lower heels they look great!
  12. That is a very positive paragraph on high heels. Welcome to the site.
  13. Welcome Carol, This is a great place for the High Heel wearer like yourself. Great topics and lots of friendly people. Enjoy!
  14. I prefer to keep my Sandals and high heels clean. And take great care of them. (I have scuffed a few on the front of the toe box on the side walks around my neighborhood and need to take those in to my local shoe repair man) So I avoid Mud and keep the leather and suede looking as good as possible. My shoes even tho they are DSW or Payless I love the look of Sandals on my feet and like the details of jewelery on them and could not or would not care to ruin them as this has happened too many times at least to 3 pairs so that is to expensive for an up keep on my collection.
  15. Those are cool peep toe boots! Do you think they would fit a a wider foot KrazyKev64? If so I would love to get a pair for myself.