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  1. How many MEN'S shoes do you have?

    1 pair of sneakers and 100 pairs of ladies shoes size 10.
  2. I play drums at my house. And yes occasionally I will wear sandals with about a 4 inch heel no platform because i want to be able to feel the pedal on the bass drum and hi-hats. Builds up your calves and ankles and also changes how the attack of the feet to the pedals and really does improve your control, and time signatures on the drums. (I play jazz and old rock and roll) A lot of control to keep my feet and the heels from sliding off the pedals. ( I play heel down on the pedals and if I do toe down! in heels I get a lot more power on the bass pedal and a louder thump! Sheila E from Princes band always wore heels standing or sitting playing percussion, And she can work those legs and high heels and not lose a beat exceptional Drummer check out You Tube videos on her style of percussion. And the gorgeous heels she wears. Nice Question.
  3. your opinion

    Go with theBlock boot hugs your leg better in the leather pants and the knee length is perfect
  4. Hello from Canada

    Hello. More information please. Welcome to the site.
  5. All three sites ladies , men and everyone already show leggings in one form or the other.
  6. Who makes these!!!!

    Evening sandals to sure and the site says the do custom width which I like. I noticed these a few years ago and wanted to know the brand. Thanks for finding out
  7. Manolo Blahnik

    Seen a 1 hour documentary on Manolo Blahnik on Netflix. He designs awesome shoes. his friends and himself gave a personal and informative look into his past and present on why he likes shoes. He says feet should not be covered. but if they are make sure accentuated by in my opinion gorgeous Heels, Mules and pumps well designed in every aspect . And he made a reference on sex in the city when Carrie got robbed on the street and the guy took her Manolo Blahnik high heels. Even my wife was saying i would look cute in those green ornate sandals. I have never seen his shoes or tried them on in person. I think my wide feet would not fit Anyway nice documentary if you are into heels!
  8. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    I would love to have a pair of Valentino Rock Stud Sandals. But I have wide feet and they are too narrow. I even look at Amazon.com at the knock off Brands (size 9 and a half to a size 10 in Womens by the way) A desire yes (not a fetish) I will leave it at that
  9. Do any of you go to bed and sleep in high heels

    Once or twice, Jennifer did not like getting poked by a stiletto in the side of her leg or all the straps of the sandal rubbing on her leg! The girls forum seems to have better luck from the posts I have read. Jennifer does not mind us laying in bed with me wearing heels, Just not me sleeping in them.
  10. I admit that I have a few pairs of heels that are too tight over the toes. One brand I have is called Vaneli and the sandal is called Milena an h-band type sandal. I like these sandals and wear around the house once in a while they are leather just cannot get them too stretch? I know if they do not fit the forum recommends not to wear because of possible injury or plain being uncomfortable. And yes when I take them off the red mark of Sorry you should not be wearing those(lol) But is it alright to wear an hour here and there. I have worn over at the Sister in-laws before and she thought they were cute especially when I had on some O.P.I Red nail polish on the toe nails.
  11. Thank you for your lovely comments, glad you like them, best wishes 

  12. New Here

    Mr Wanderer, Homosexual? I would suggest reading all the posts you can and read the earliest ones especially. The word Gay might be used sparingly. But Homosexual. Not so much. I realized after the first reading I did on this site and first question I asked after that. Sneakers and boots and (strappy sandals my favorite!) are just footwear. Enjoy! Life is too short. Welcome to the site.
  13. Waterproofing advice

    I have purchased this brand thru my Local DSW In Dayton Ohio The Manager Jeanna recommended and told me how to properly apply and it seems to work well for me. Have not been out in a rain storm and have my treated shoes soaked, But happy so far And the entire staff there would not have me buy product if it did not work. Follow the directions and you should be fine. That is what I like about my local DSW They at least for me back their accessories and shoes and if I am not happy even past return policy will make it right I love to shop there and give them positive feedback.
  14. Gutted

    I know these topics are older but it it very nice reading. You can see how the views and questions have changed with the times. I see from topics years ago how the wording is very mellow and if it makes sense very proper (not politically correct) but question or answers that do not get off the subject(I am sure I sound like i am babbling) This is in response to ElectricFoxx in how he is giving up his heel collection to because he does not want his girlfriend soon too be his wife. finding out about his appreciation(I do not call wearing high heels a fetish-Just my opinion some lady friends tell me I have one tho!) of ladies foot wear. And the heels and mules in his collection Nice shoes. ( I like the black stilettos with the 5 inch heels and the very worn foot bed) I too like strappy sandals. I am going to read all the topics again from the beginning of this site. Just the fact in how lurking to actually joining and asking questions. And how this will be a positive benefit and more of an active participation. and to go over to my shoe closet and get a pair of heels out and put them on to enjoy as the main reason I wanted(needed L.O.L) to wear in the first place
  15. I wonder

    I love that type of sandal, and would love to have a pair just like that. They look gold and would be fine for me and I could wear with any out-fit Nice candid shoe picture regardless.

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