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  1. Casadei Sale...%50 ....

    My two favorite thread derailers These, in black, make me positively rabid: http://us.casadei.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Casadei-US-Site/en_US/Product-Show?pid=5003N114%2eEN1T136M45&start=12&cgid=shoes-pumps And of course, I had to go and choose from outside the sale
  2. Welcome back! I'll keep an eye out for your posts
  3. My New Boots

    Now those are eye-catching! Different style from mine but I can appreciate them for sure
  4. Casadei Sale...%50 ....

    Don't even tempt me, because I just might! I have been doing an exorbitant amount of heel window shopping lately.
  5. Brash At Payless

    I like the ones with small hidden platforms--huge hidden platforms do look rather like a brick! Totally my bias.
  6. Word Association Game

  7. If it's only bothering one foot, hh4ever is probably right, just break them in. They appear to be leather and fabric at the strap so you might be able to stretch them out with one of those shoe stretchers, just be gentle because of the fabric. I've also stretched out heels (cheap synthetic ones) with a a ziploc bag of water in the freezer. (I stuffed the whole lot in another plastic bag so my family wouldn't flip out, lol.) You might also try wearing them just for short periods of time so you both smooth out the strap and build up your skin a little where it rubs. They are such a lovely purple, it would be a shame to give up on them xo Sangue
  8. Thanks, I will try that next time I get a cramp!
  9. I have never been into dance, gymnastics, or even sports for that matter. Some of you know I have recently gotten into pole dance for fitness so I've been doing a lot of stretching for splits. A big part of form for stretching is to point your toes--I just can't seem to do it well. Since I've only tried this after a few years of heel wearing, I have no idea if this is just the way my feet are or a result of heeling. I am guessing it could be heel use since a lot of heels tend to force the front of the foot into sort of a tilted L-shape? Even after running barefoot on the treadmill my feet cramp when I point them, ugh. Is anyone else here into some form of dance or sports that requires toe pointing? What do you think/recommend? xo Sangue
  10. Ballet Heels

    I have never owned a pair and I go back and forth on ballet heels. The majority are too fetishy for my personal taste but I like to see others rock them--it just seems like quite the feat! At the moment there are a lot of other types of heels I would want to spend my money on (sadly money I don't have, lol) before venturing into ballet heels. Maybe one day!
  11. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Oh my, I see I've been missing some good shoe loving since I've been sick and away! I just found a short clip of guys dancing in some flashy stillettos--I was watching to see one of my favorite pole athletes. They do some sort of a hip hop dance (I don't know much about hip hop so I am probably wrong. The clip starts here: Anyone interested in seeing some pole athletics there is a clip of that at 1:09. xo Sangue
  12. Celebrities in High Heels

    Lol, same here! It's like she muddies them
  13. Ohhh, that's tempting! I'm a broke college student but I could see this working for other members.
  14. Correctly Representing The Men In Heels Community

    Thank you for all the great feedback! Most people assume pole dancing is easy and I was not wrong to think my hhplacers are more thoughtful! Amanda I could see you doing my sort of pole, with a very elegant ballerina-eque costume or something a figure skater would perform in. I don't pole in heels which is funny because I even check the mail and clean up the yard in heels LOL. ilikekicks, I will go with treating shoes as just a clothing statement as you described. Simple and elegant! xo Sangue
  15. Word Association Game