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  1. As already said... depends on the wearer. Personally I wear heels everyday as a guy, except to work since it is not allowed due to security reasons. And its everything up to 4" stilettoes. Of course you will get comments and looks, you are doing something outside the safe box where your observers like to be. But I know that it looks good on me and I wear them well so they can't have that much to whisper about. Actually, I have made A LOT of new friends who comes up to me and starts to talk about shoes and boots.
  2. Hi, two new pumps... One in silver PU with 10cm heels One in black suede with 11cm heels and 1cm platform
  3. Hi, bought these last week. Kneehigh with 10cm stilettoes...
  4. Works for me Know this a forum for male heelers, but since I also am a hobby transvestite, I'm longing for a meeting with other TV also... But since I've been wearing heels for many years as a man, I'm glad to join as male
  5. I'm in, just hard to find spare time to do it, but the idéa seems nice...
  6. Beeblebrox, where in Sweden are you?
  7. Hej, var i Sverige finns du?

  8. Thanks, Love your patent boots too, looks great.

  9. Love your collection of high heel boots!

  10. Hi, just out of curiosity... is there also people called Arthur, Dent, Ford and Prefect? Is there a story behind your split names that you want to share? As Stefan already said... we've been in contact. I'd love to go to a meeting in Stockholm. Working shifts and having a family makes it hard to move too far away from Stockholm.
  11. Yes, haven't decided which I like best yet. I think I like the long shaft better than folded down, but we'll see...
  12. Thanks, kind words. Proofs my styles is hot ;-)

  13. One of the hottest bootcollection i ever saw !!!!!!

  14. Thanks Dawn HH, I love them and just had to have them. Still dont know what material the actual print is on, but we'll see. They do look good though. Here are some more pics of them:
  15. I don't wear skirts as a man. Have been experimenting with a complete ladies outfit with skirts and that will work with these. But I'm more into thight black jeans and maybe later on when it's warmer, black jeans shorts, ending just below the top of the shaft of the boots. Thanks, I'm kind of an exhibitionist when it comes to footwear so I don't mind
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