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  1. Oh thank you, here is a larger version of that picture Edit, quality does not turn out to be that much better. Sorry
  2. The brain goes in mysterious ways sometimes. I have developed a liking for female fashion through western inspired footwear - go figure. When I was young, I already liked western boots, and when I figured out that women's western boots had higher heels than men's, the obvious thing happened. More heel more better, right? Every so often, cowboy boots inspire mainstream fashion, and when it does, it still tickles an itch. Around 2012 or so, Nine West had a thing with the western theme. They also tried a more premium less polished brand, "Vintage America", which of course involved western boots. That experiment produced two styles, which I've been luckily enough to both collect, but it has taken a lot of time and money. The cleanest cut is the black "Comete" bootie, of which I removed the buckle. I like is more "elegant". They sport a true 5" heel, and I have a 1/4" heel pad added to them, giving an effective 5 1/4" height. They have to be my tallest non-platform heels. The hottest, I think, is the "Creepin" style - the knee-high one. The color is a bit weird, between tan, brown, beige, grey, nude. Whatever that means. But it works on the boot. The shaft is tall and hugs my calves nicely. I like the look, the picture is of myself just last week - I took it to send to my girlfriend. The least successful style is "Claret", the brownish ankle bootie. It is made on the same last as "Comete", but the leather is not as nice as either Comete or Creepin.
  3. I'm not sure if Stuart Weitzman shoes are considered "designer", but for my pocketbook they are "too expensive to make sense" so I'm giving them a pass. These are a 2015-2016 model, and I love them mostly because they have a tall shaft, right up to under my knee, and are a superb fit for my 160lbs legs. Body weight, not the detached limb [rolleyes]. What makes them special is that I find them elegant, yet they manage to achieve that without a stiletto heel. I wear stilettos 4 days a week or so, and sometimes I feel like something else. I bought them at retail at Bloomingdales, which wasn't a painless experience, but I am really happy that I did. They are listed on amazon as a 4.25" heel, but those have to be metric inches, because they definitely feel like 5-inchers. Perhaps they were measured one a size 4.
  4. I started another topic about the Yves Saint Laurent Janis style, that is generally recognized for its timelessness. But there's another pair that comes close, designed by Kenneth Cole in 2013. They were expensive, $350 I think, not YSL territory at $1400, but I'm happy I put down the money. They are essentially half a size too small for me, but I had them stretched and now fit great. Kenneth Cole made them only up to 10, and I'm a 10.5. They aren't the most ergonomic of shoes, and while I wear nothing under 4", and up to 5" without platform regularly, these are a bit unstable. But they are so hot - incredible. I've never understood why they weren't more popular. Kenneth Cole designed these for the Kinky Boots Musical, https://broadwaydirect.com/kenneth-cole-on-kinky-boots/ , and there is a clip on youtube somewhere of a TV host wearing the leopard ones, which I have never seen in real life - I have the black leather ones.
  5. I've been lusting over these for a while now, but I can't bring myself to putting down $600 for a pair of boots that is, while attractive, in essence fairly classical. And then there is the thing about sizing, I don't own any Yves Saint Laurent boots yet, so I can't really say if their "41" is going to fit me well. Is there anyone that owns this model and can give some feedback on fit? Cheers
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm doing great!
  7. You look great in nice jeans and killer boots....A very powerful and alluring combination for sure....

    1. Arctic


      Thank you, Pebbles. I most often wear something like this. It works for me, it works for my girlfriend. And I don't really care what everyone else thinks. 

      I do get poked once a day or so by some stranger who expresses their admiration. In the beginning, it was flattering. But it is getting a bit disturbing, in the sense that if I'm doing something that people need to point out their admiration for that frequently, society isn't nearly as free as many of us would like to believe.



    2. pebblesf


      Well, you are right....Society would love to suppress anything that goes against "the norm", including guys in heels.  Society would also love us to cling to the usual stereotypes attached with guys wearing what society would describe as "feminine gear".  I'm sure constant attention can get annoying sometimes....Kind of like a celebrity trying to walk down main street on a Saturday afternoon....I believe that most guys have a secret desire to wear more 'feminine gear", but most don't have the guts to explore their desires.  The combination of feminine and masculine gear can be a very powerful look indeed, especially when a guy (like yourself) can pull it off successfully with enough confidence not to "care what everyone else thinks"!  I have made great strides in the past few years, with help and support of guys here.  I don't have the youthful figure to pull off much, but I feel comfortable now wearing stiletto boots with my levis publicly.  

      I'm sure I would go out of my way to compliment you if I saw you out in public somewhere, although I do my best not to be rude or "creepy" about it...Am hoping you will put up with more compliments from guys and gals who appreciate the fact that men like yourself are helping to reshape the way society thinks, even if it is at a snail's pace.  You are fortunate to have a girl friend who appreciates your style, and is confident enough not to feel the her "femininity is threatened".   

      Thanks for all you do buddy


  8. The advice I would give is incredibly simple. Just do it, and you'll be amazed how amazingly simple, self evident, comfortable and "how come I ever made a problem out of this" becomes.
  9. Hi All I got an email from hhplace.org reminding me I haven't logged in since March 2012. It feels like yesterday. So why not come take a peek. It seems that not much has changed here. Same problems, new people. I hope some of the old timers have "graduated". While I had some self imposed restraints way back when - one of the reasons why I ended up on this forum in the first place, in the meantime I've been totally freed from any self imposed constraints. Nowadays I wear whatever I want, every day. 5 days a week or so that means 4-5" stilettos. I haven't had a single negative experience for many, many years, so why wouldn't I? We all should. If there's someone that still remembers me, give a shout.
  10. Ok, another one is in the can! It was good to get to see and hear the people who make up our sandbox in cyberspace. When I was waiting for my car on the way home, I realized that there are not many interests that cover all of the western world, cut through all demographics, and span a large age range - we had people in their twenties and in their seventies participating. However, heels seem to keep you young, as the most senior person would easily pass for someone a decade or two less seasoned.
  11. Thank you for joining us last night. Great Boots! Sorry for the poor turnout but we all had a great time! All the best of wishes for your future endeavours, hope they all pan out! David

  12. See you tonight, 7pm Hotel Indigo, Club Blu - Lobby Level, 127 W 28th St 10pm - Paddles - 250 W 26th St David

  13. Ok, I've caught up a little. Seems like I'll join you for dinner on friday and we'll take it from there. My boot collection is already deep into the triple digits, so a strategy that keeps me away from the stores is preferred - so I am going to leave you guys at that. I'm trying to embargo myself a little... There is too much good stuff out there: Yesterday I popped into the Nine west store on 44th, and walked out again with a stellar find - for next to nothing. (Knee boots, style Kedan). That's after bumping into a pair of 60% discounted Via Spiga boots, ("Mimosa"), a week ago. Oh yes, there was the pair of Nine West "Glamo" booties as well - but they turn out to be not too practical.
  14. Last minute update - if I am not travelling (10% chance I will be) I'll be joining as well - perhaps both days but most likely friday only. I'll need to go through the thread, I haven't been on the board for a few months.
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