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the clicking of those heels must be very Hot! do you have some more pictures of the booties? 

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On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:40 AM, Pierre1961 said:

Perfectly ok. I would wish to walk you down the street with my high heels ! 

I hope you are able to take that heeled public walk real soon buddy, sure feels great...Don

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6 hours ago, Pierre1961 said:

I already do it at night! 

With someone else it would be easier. 

You are so right buddy....Heeling is so much easier when out with another heeling buddy, "confidence in numbers" I guess....

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6 hours ago, Pierre1961 said:

Yes! I am traveling a lot. If anyone wants to join

Would love to join you sometime!

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That would be fun. But I have nothing planned in the US before early next year. 

I will post some pics of my shoes soon. 

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I work for the airlines, so travel the US frequently.  Usually layover in NYC, Miami, Dallas Tx, or Los Angeles Ca.  So, let me know if and when you will be in the US, would be very cool to meet up and go for a stroll in heels.  Don

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