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New News For Pumpcat




I'm probably going to start confusing you guys. But you are my friends, so I can tell you anything! I saw a shrink that specializes in gender issues. Anyway, I went through a ton of tests, and found out that I have gender disphoria. So in fact I don't have to live my life as a woman. But she told me I could have a mix of the two, if I like. So the girls clothes and the heels will stay the same. As well as the long hair and make-up. It it a relief that I don't have to change my whole life! So I'm dropping the Clarissa from my posts. Ill be going with my middle name, Ashley. I don't know why my parents named me ashley. They must have known somthing. They said it was a guys name a long time ago, before it was a girls name. They are happy that I like it.

Other than that, its fashion business as usual.



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Ashley, could you explain a little bit more about gender dysphoria? I looked it up in Wikipedia, but I'm rather confused about the relationship between gender dysphoria and transsexualism. In any case, I'm happy to hear that you've found some sort of inner peace.


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