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Can You Get Kicked Out Of A Store?




I went shopping downtown today. I went to the bay on queen street in toronto. This place in the mecca of fashion. Sort of like saks fifth ave. in NYC.

Anyway, each floor has something different. Floor one has jewellery, makeup,watches, and purses. Floor 2 has shoes for men and women, not in the same section. It aslo has a suit shop for men. And floor 3 has all ladies fashions. It also has an expensive designer section called THE ROOM. That's where all the expensive is where we drool over! Ex- louboutin and YSL tributes.

I wanted to go to THE ROOM for a lond while and thought I would go there today! I'm feeling quite confident with my new feminine look. Long blonde hair(no wig, my own beautiful hair) ultra slim body, and a ton of make-up on! But done tastefully. No smoky eyes like avril laviene. Today I wore my fiited coat, tight long flare jeans(guido and mary ashley bellbottoms) and my fluevog platform heel boots. With large sunglasses. I look stunning.

Moving along now, I thought THE ROOM was on the 2nd floor, so I got off there, I ended up in the mens suit shop. I got so many dirty looks. Its like, what's this girl doing in the mens section. So went up to the next floor. THE ROOM is in its own little(not that little)section on this floor. I was greeted very politely and wasn't addressed as miss or mr. Cool! If I was addressed as miss I would love it! They showed me all the new shoes and boots that are in now. The louboutins are stunning. All be back with a wad of cash. I have to go back anyway, I forgot to ask if they had YSL tribute boots. Its my dream to own a pair.

I didn't reasize I could look this glamourous with just some makeup, beautiful hair and trendy womens clothes. I don't need any hormones or surgery, this is good enough for me. People can see who I really am inside!

The worst part is that I am still a male somewhat on the outside, and to be discriminated against in the mens store for the way I portray myself. People have no class. I am just being myself, what god wants me to be. If I have feel justified to shop in the womens store, no problem. I don't like mens clothes anyway, never have.

You can't get kicked out of a store, but they can kick me out of the mens store any day, I know where I'm welcome.



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Too many people seem to view someone who does not fit into their view off the world as an attack on them. It's not fair but the world is slowly getting better on all fronts. Too bad it is always too slow of a change for us to appreciate.

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