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Healthy Living! IF IT HURTS, DON'T DO IT




How many people have heard this one before? How many people have heard it, disregarded it, and are now paying the price? Two days ago I played indoor soccer with some friends. I'm sore! I'm not muscle sore - I'm joint sore. The soft tissue between your bones, and lining the bottom and sides of your feet take TIME to heal. There is no such thing as "pushing through the pain." There is only "increasing the injury of your injury." The slight discomfort I have in my joints today is a result of using joints which haven't played soccer in about five years. I'm in great shape - muscularly, and cardiovascularly. Bones are doing fine, too!

But my joints simply aren't used to that, and when they tell me don't do it, they mean it!

This doesn't mean I can't enjoy another game of soccer in a week or two - by then, they'll have healed, and stronger, too. In the meantime, it's time for me to lay off, and allow them to heal.

The same goes for your feet!!! If they hurt during the day, switch shoes. If they hurt while walking barefoot on the floor before you even slip on a pair of shoes, make sure the pair you're slipping on will allow them to heal, for three days, minimum, from your previous day's abuse.

By "pushing through the pain," you are only injuring your injury. In the long term, this results in degradation of performance.

Be nice to your feet!



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