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  1. Try this: http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/index.php?querytype=sizing To all all intents and purposes, the "china size" equates to the EU size
  2. High arches are an indicator of possible CHARCOT's foot, see here http://www.hhplace.org/infirmary_-_foot_care_related_issues/11773-gout.html
  3. The danger is that CHARCOT's (see here http://www.foothealthfacts.org/footankleinfo/charcot-foot.htm) is often mis-diagnosed as gout, a sprain or even a bad knock. If not treated early the prospects of long-term irrepairable damage is highly likely. I have just been diagnosed with it, I am scheduled to be in plaster from knee to toe for up to six weeks and then under other treatment for up to TEN MONTHS. Please everyone, if you suffer from swollen feet or one foot seems hotter than the other GERT THEM CHECKED
  4. Yes it is a shame, but their target customer changed. Thgey used toi sell classic high heels but they moved with the style changes and lost their way. It was one of the few places you could get shoes like http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/shoepage.php?querytype=id&searchstring=C10
  5. Could be one of many, not enough detail, but you could try here. BTW, they are far too large for her
  6. Any chance of a pic of them?
  7. You only have to see the current Virgin advert. There are several very attractive women wearing virgins uniform, all with the same red high heeled shoes. Some are more attractive than others.
  8. Nice, especially with the fuzzy bit around the left heel. Shows they have been well worn
  9. http://style.uk.msn.com/fashionandbeauty/whatshot/article.aspx?cp-documentid=9979010
  10. Updated link http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/alltherage/2008/06/how-to-walk-in.html
  11. "The boots are great but do noy seem tp warrant a $250 initial price." I don't understand, you didn't have to buy them. The seller adopted the pragmatic attitude, "they're worth what somebody is WILLING to pay"
  12. " if your wearing heels with noisy steel tips, its exciting and sexy sound that draws attention" Every Time. If we are in a major town or city, my head is always turning. My wife accepts that she will never stop me looking at/for (1) the sound of high heels, (2) cars and (3) her, not necessarily in that order!
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