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  1. Hi,

    The sandals White Leather Platform Sandals size EUR43-44 (US12) from La Piazza are still for sale.

    Price for shipping them to Belgium would be 200 EUR (180 EUR Sandals + 20 EUR Postal Shipment).

    Is it OK for you?

    If yes, payment to my paypal account:

    provide me an address and shipment will shortly follow after payment.


  2. Sandals still for sale ? Make mea price , sending to Belgium . Greetings ; Prutske255
  3. Those Omano boots are amazing, sure wish I had a pair!

  4. Hello ; UK 8 is a bit too small for me !! Otherwise i would buy them !! Prutske255
  5. Hello ;

    i wil buy several pairs of pmps you are selling .

    Please contact me .

    Greetings ;



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    2. Prutske255


      Hello ;

      extra 20,00 euro is paid by Paypal .


      Greetings ;

      Guy / Prutske255



    3. Chorlini


      Shoes are in the mail. Track & trace number is 3SOPKE9687973.

    4. Prutske255


      Hello ;

      thanks for the update

      Guy / Prutske255


  6. Hello ; Will buy the 3 pairs of shoes !! PM me if still available. Prutske255
  7. Good choice !!! But i prefer them with heels from 13 cm to 15 cm . I have several pairs of Gianrico Mori boots and shoes .
  8. Congradulations with your oxfords . I guess good walkable with the 5.5 " heels . Mine are 6 " and some difficulties to walk .
  9. Some pairs are also for sale on EBAY . Some are identical , others are different .
  10. Hello Stiletto15 ; Great heels you have there !! Enjoy it .
  11. I think Omano is out f Business . This company : has the similar oxford shoes available . Located is Spain . Made to order is also possible
  12. I think they are like OMANO shoes . i have a similar pair
  13. Do you walk on a regular base in public on highheels ?

    1. HeeledSlides


      I am not a very frequent heeler, but yes, I walk on high heels in public occasionally. 

  14. Hello ;

    where in Belgium are you living?

    I'm from Ninove .

    Greetings ;



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    2. thighhighboo


      Hello hoe gaat het ?

      Ik geniet volop van mijn hoge lieslaarzen

      Fijn weekend


    3. Prutske255


      Mooie laarzen !!

      Welke schoenmaat heeft U ?

      Ik heb maat 45  

      Draag nu booties maat 44 met hak van 10cm .

    4. thighhighboo


      Ik heb maat 41

      Momenteel draag ik mijn hoge lieslaarzen van Gaborit met een hak van ook 10cm

      De die op de foto zijn van Fernandoboots