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  1. Cute flats!
  2. A lot of women in general do not dress in their personal style to please men, but to look good to themselves in the mirror. Love yourself first and it makes someone else loving you much easier. Nevertheless, Good luck on your pumps mission!
  3. A good thing to understand is how fashion has changed across age demographics. As we know, there was a time when fairly "formal" wear like heels, skirts, dresses etc along with their accompanying accessories would be worn to an everyday office job, to school, and shopping. Men even wore a jacket with tie to the movies and on planes etc. It was considered very casual to wear a sports jacket and no tie. T-shirts? those were meant for the beach, gym or working in your yard. This helped reinforce fairly rigid gender norms, traditions and a hierarchy of status. ("Jim must be poor, he only owns one suit and only changes the tie every day") Then things fairly rapidly became less formal. Young women today do dress up and have dressy clothing like heels, but they tend to wear that stuff for special occasions or sometimes when going out in the evenings to events etc. Just had a morning session with my therapist and she was dressed pretty nicely. Nice sweater with a mock t underneath, shorter skirt, tights and tall boots with high heels. She is no more than 30 yrs old. So in a sense the drive for less formal dress was partially driven by the rush to cultural equality. That is a good thing and i actually like the less formal times. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt with sandals to the office - very comfy.
  4. Great outfit and great outing. Love going to the mall. I will also add that i think with that length skirt, short booties would be the only good boot choice. Still, very nice boots too!
  5. The assumption made about the right is correct based on the massive weight of evidence and their track record of opposing equality legislation, silly bathroom bills and talk of "religious liberty" to name just a few and there are many more. Their record on opposing our rights goes way back. Your experiences in "liberal" areas are certainly valid, but i will say much different than mine. I live in Oregon, except for the rural east part of the state, intolerance is pretty rare. I've traveled in many areas the UK, France, Russia, Japan and many more and i invariably urban areas to be pretty accepting. The exceptions to this were where you would expect, Africa and the middle east. Despite the bump in the road of the current admin, i suspect a lot of good will come from this as well. Organizations, activism etc Gender Variance, being outside of the norm in many ways including dress has a bright cultural future.
  6. Never been refused anywhere. That sort of treatment could get you a successful lawsuit in many US States.
  7. Long ago, this was probably about 1991 i was working a job that required me to visit residential construction sites pretty regularity. To protect myself from the mud, i did not want to wear my decent snow boots because and they were too hot anyways. I had no work boots even though some steel toe protection would have likely been wise. Instead, i found a pair of women's rain boots on sale, plain black but shiny and the lining was leopard skin if i am remembering correctly and i thought "oh bonus they are girl's too" . I would put on/remove the muddy boots will sitting on the back of my jeep at the time. Well i wore them for pretty much a year and nobody (to my face anyways, i don't care about anything else) ever negatively commented me on them. Curiously one man actually said " I had a pair like those but i burned through them pretty quickly, you should get these". I'm positive they were recognized as women's.
  8. Yes no argument that the rural urban divide is huge, but there are far far fewer people out there than in the cities and on the coasts. Electoral College notwithstanding, this bodes pretty well for the political future but also the acceptance of alternative identities and even things like non-mainstream dressing.
  9. Sorry i don't have a lot to contribute. I do have women's gloves like these: and running gloves like these: I also have some awesome purple ski mitts
  10. Very cool! I love seeing well cared for vintage clothing and shoes.
  11. I get quite a few positive comments about shoes, mainly from women but recently one from a guy as well.
  12. Another political thread yikes. I'm one of those "equality fascists" that the OP speaks of. The thing about equal rights is it does not mean less rights for you, human rights are not an apple pie. It can mean less privilege for a few, but do we really want privilege, we did not earn? If they don't make men wear heels as part of their outfit, they should not make women do the same. I do not think it can be any clearer in logic (or morality) than that. Women and men are 100% equals with a level playing field. They are not the same, but is this not a sameness thing at all.
  13. About 1985 or 86, i purchased a pair of plain black pumps. Tried them on in store in front of snickering customers. Did not care one bit
  14. Sandals definitely
  15. I don't see any changes where i live. A very liberal city in a very liberal state (Our Governor is LGTBQ) Will there be an attempt at cultural backlash toward LGTBQ people in some areas yeah sure there will be as well as more racism etc., but ultimately it will fail because public opinion is solidly shifted in favor of diversity and away from fundamentalist religion. I'm a trans woman and i feel safe. I also feel emboldened to be an activist and make those that would take rights of people away, pay for that attempt politically.