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  1. Some boots are meant to worn with boot cut jeans, others are meant for tucking, others for cuffing or rolling.
  2. I wear heels traveling often and through airports, statistically those place might be more dangerous than others, but agains the odds are still tiny of a violent act occurring at any one airport at a particular time.
  3. By footwear having no gender (and clothes in general) what I meant was that gender is a construct, it is nothing biological. Humans create gender norms based partially on biological sex, but also on other cultural factors such as appearance, trends etc. I totally understand that people associate things with gender. My point is that they don't have to because in the end it is all a human fabrication anyways.
  4. Lol yes, i thought i'd offer the other tucking advice too - You'd maybe would be surprised how stretchy many skinny jeans or jeggings are though and some of us have little of that offending equipment to worry about. I also still stand by by thought that many wear long tunics or sweaters anyways
  5. I have some spanx and the like but pretty rarely wear them. Also sort of interesting is that sweaters don't bother me with another layer, but then again most of those are cardigan types and left open. Pull over sweaters i generally wear next to my skin.
  6. There is nothing, absolutely zero wrong with being a CD and yes by most "experts" in the field, that puts you on a gender variant continuum and that even puts you into the same interest groups with LGTBQi society as a whole. Although gender expression and sexual preference are completely different things, by practice much of the gender variant community allies itself with this segment, because we sort of face some of the same challenges and foes. Of course, as we see here there are definitely people that CD where it has little or no impact on their "identity" and they don't consider themselves feminine. There are some that never wear more than one thing, heels, underwear etc. These are the exceptions and outliers and that is perfectly awesome. Another option is the newer term "genderF$%*" where folks present themselves with very different aspects in the same look, for instance a beard and a tutu. They often do this because they want to mess with societies gender norms. Again, pretty neat. What you wear is your style and it does not have to be ultra feminine. I'm a trans woman and i dress fairly "tomboy" much of the time. Wear what you want, when you want should be the slogan for everyone; men, women and everything in between. The fact that so many folks start out wearing one thing and years later they are wearing many things, is further evidence that they are on the continuum. We should not really worry about labels in my opinion, because ultimately it is a better world where gender expression is trivial and not worth the angst that is caused by it. Shoes and boots are great items but by themselves they have no gender.
  7. I really don't think of escaping such things. Statistically you have a much higher chance of getting in trouble other ways.
  8. If they are tall boots you should generally tuck. If they are ankle boots you cuff the jeans and let a sliver of skin show. If they are in between, tucking is still the best option as you can only cuff your jeans so high. Another option is boot cut jeans but this is about jeggings.
  9. I've been witness to several employee wrongful termination filings and in nearly ever case the employee walked away with considerably more money than whatever their severance was. Companies hate distractions, hate negative publicity and hate using their resources on non-revenue generating activities. They simply write a check to make it go away. Now there are certain things you have to say in order for this to happen but employment attorneys understand these things. Of course your complaint must have merit The idea that men are sometimes bullies and more so in some environments is true, but again if you work in one of those environments that is of course your choice. We get to choose.
  10. Agreed when i wear pumps they remain firmly on my feet. Unless i want to take them off. Maybe thong sandals dangle a bit but they have too.
  11. Have never really been a fan of the jumpsuit as underwear, spanx and things like that are good when necessary, but to me jumpsuits are usually an unnecessary layer and too many layers makes me uncomfortable. When i was a kid, my mom always told me to wear undershirts with my shirts but i refused most of the time for this reason. Interestingly, I never had an issue wearing bras. The vast majority of the time i wear shirts and blouses untucked. For business casual i will sometimes wear a blouse tucked because of the outfit, (blazers etc)
  12. I never saw the appeal in this. Is it a foot thing? is it sort of she is uncovering herself thing? I happen to think many people have very attractive feet but i guess i don't connect the two. When i see this sort of thing, i always sort of thought...."if her heels are that uncomfortable that she can't keep them on, maybe she should by some other heels " Just thought i'd ask
  13. I totally get that and understand that. However, you could put that concern next to about any societal change or variance from the norm (long hair etc) and while it would be true, this is not how you change the world. You don't wait for the adoption curve or Hollywood, or anyone else, you boldly go out and do it. In general you may get snickers and gossip, but a life without snickers and gossip is not that well lived in my opinion. I don't want to blend in to a society that has so many problems, i want to change it. There should be zero differences between dress codes and acceptability therein, between women and men. If women can wear heels to work, so can men. If a girl can wear a princess dress to the party, so can boys. I know about coming out as non-standard and work, socially and among professional peers. As a trans person i realize i had to experience the extremes here as i was figuring out who i was and then learning to present myself consistent with it, but i think all of the men here that have done any public heeling at all have taken similar steps, to step out and present themselves to the world in the way that they choose. Bravery is pretty universal at this site
  14. Any employer in the western world at least, that would fire you for your choice of footwear, would be opening themselves up to potential problems and embarrassment. At the most, someone that had authority in the situation might politely ask you to follow another dress code. Be brave and be the change you want to see.
  15. Cute Anklet!