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  1. I like this understatement (-: Love to see ladies in pantyhose or stockings in combination with a great pair of heels. Also love the feel myself. I frequently wear hosiery with boots or pumps.
  2. Fully agree on this !
  3. About the grey pair I would say yes. The black ballerina flats look more feminine imho. I like these much better and I have a similar pair also in black. OK, no heels but a nice change to wear them from time to time.
  4. When I saw the picture I thought these were the same Tamaris pumps as I have. But this can happen easily with black pumps in the classic style. On second glance I noticed a few minor detail differences. Trends come an go but the basic black pump is a timeless classic. And to remain on topic, I have worn mine in the office but only when I was there on my own.
  5. Do you walk on a regular base in public on highheels ?

    1. HeeledSlides


      I am not a very frequent heeler, but yes, I walk on high heels in public occasionally. 

  6. I realize I reply to a message which is already 10 months old.... But I missed this thread until now. There is a very small chance you have seen me. I have been in Hasselt in the summer of 2014, and I was wearing heels on that day.
  7. Nice combi, SF ! I think I figured out who is you and who is your wife on the pictures..... (-; For sure it will be fun going out together
  8. I am from the South of the Netherlands, not that far from the Belgian border. I am able to travel so I'm in for a heel meeting both countries.
  9. Great experience, and happy you could share it with a female friend I like the heels on your pictures. Groetjes, ook uit Nederland. (Greetings, also from the Netherlands)
  10. I have reached 120 mph driving in high heels. Well, it was allowed on the German "Autobahn" so it may be less macho as it seems. But it was fun to do.
  11. I like to wear pantyhose and stockings with the heels.
  12. Me even three times. Great commercial !
  13. I have counted 14 pairs, divided in 6 pairs of heeled exercise sandals / slides, 4 pairs of pumps and 4 pairs of boots. - Scholl Spicy, wood with white strap and 4" stiletto heel - Scholl Diva, wood with red strap and 3" block heel - Scholl Band 7, wood with black strap and 4" tapered heel - Berkemann Peggy, wood with red strap and 2.5" tapered heel - Berkemann Peggy, same with white strap - Candy, PVC base with white strap and 4" stiletto - Tamaris black classic pump with 3.5" narrow tapered heel - Tamaris back pump with wrist strap and 2.5" tapered heel - Vai Vai dark brown pump with ankle strap and 3" block heel - dark brown pump with ankle strap and 2.5" wedge heel, have to check brand name - 2-Bizzy black ankle boot with 3" tapered heel - Jane Shilton black knee high boot with 3.5" tapered heel - Jane Shilton same in grey - No name black knee high boot with 3" block heel And many more on my wishing list....
  14. JSLS, I like your ankle boots and I think it was a good choise to wear those for going out in heels. For sure, I love all kind of high heels too. And I wished I could wear "difficult" 5" stiletto's outside. But I am not (yet) at that level. So I stay below 4" myself. Ankle boots are great for going out. I have a pair myself which have a 3" heel and they are my favourites to wear outside. Still high enough to feel you're on heels, but also comfortable so I can wear them with self-confidence.
  15. I vote for number 1 and 4.