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  1. Although never have worn a dress I know you have all seen my skirts and thigh high boots but I have never been told I can't come in. I have been everywhere from Home Depot, grocery store, fancy dinner establishments to bars and clubs and have always been accepted and have never had a bad comment from anyone working at the places I have gone. I have always gotten nice compliments
  2. Great heels always make a statement!!
  3. It's more then WOW!!!!! I did hunt these down,,,,, up to size US9. That website has very little over US 10. I would have them on order already if they were available in 11 . UGH
  4. Too bad the guys aren't!!!!
  5. Looks great ! With those boots I would do a red mini skirt, beige tights and a dress button down shirt !!!
  6. TBG, awesome look ! Love the boots and the outfit!
  7. If we can pull off a Chicago gathering,,,,, it may have to include a McD's stop too!!!!
  8. Don inyhink it would be great, I am north of ORD. They have a restaurant bar there called the Gaslight Club. The wait staff are dressed as playboy bunnies !!!
  9. I think we need to figure out a date and a venue !!
  10. LMFAO I changed it. Why doesn't auto correct work when you need it !!!!
  11. Great collection of outfits!!!! Love the thigh high boots with white trim!
  12. I think we could set up the Chicago meeting as some have talked about. I think it would be fantastic!!
  13. Thank you again TBG! I have to say I love the fishnets. I have worn them a couple of times with the tights and more without. I don't have a problem either way with comfort. It depends on the look you want. I had a ton of compliments with the shiny tights under the black fishnets looks sexy I was told. I wore the nude fishnets out and a girl told me they looked awesome and gave her the idea to get some because it did not stand out like black and she said she did not even know I was wearing them until she approached me and told me. You can also find vendors that make tights that have a fishnet pattern on them. Some small net yup to wide fence net. Try Hue. As far as the shoes go they are Pleaser Devious Daggers with a 6-1/4" heel!!! That my max on a single sole'. I have worn them for a few hours and the only reason they work for me is the toebox is perfect. I liked them so much I bought a pair of Daggers in locking ankle boots! I told my GF she can keep the key,,,, her reply was "it's ok honey even if I unlock your boots you won't take them off anyway!!" LOL. And yes that's probably true. I am very thankful that she is not only ok with my heels but shops with me for me and has no problem when we go out and I wear heels just as she does (just a little bit higher)
  14. Thank you ! Yes they do have a steel stiletto.
  15. Thank you!!! I work at it and always get nice compliments when I am out. I have a ton of pics of my outfits in my albums under my profile page.
  16. Thank you Tina !!!
  17. That's a pretty cool meeting. Never thought that's where your story would go!! I too have ended up at McD late late at night !!! Here is one of my outfits
  18. Missboots, those are incredible boots!!! I would love to have a pair like that too!
  19. Those are hot!!!! And so are the shoes!!!!!! LOL
  20. My first pair was Steve Madden Kyle 6" platforms. Still have them and still wear them!!!. Better pics of them in my albums from a couple of years ago!!
  21. Sometimes complete strangers, sometimes people who work at the store or place I am at sometimes my GF, sometimes I set a timer. The easiest is just asking someone. Believe it or not I have actuall been turned down 2 times when I asked for someone to snap a picture of me. How rude! I have had girls jump in the picture as eel as take on in there own phone!!!!
  22. Home Depot,,,, me too. Service is always better then when I'm in my daily work boots
  23. Those boots are fabtanstic!!!!!!
  24. I just got a pair of Steve Madden leopard booties. Love the leopard. I have pumps, booties, boots, and thigh high boots!!!
  25. Thanks Aristoc!! I try hard to make up for it. I have not been out in a while with everything going on but going to try for this weekend!! Need to get out!