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  1. That is so awesome. Priceless in my book. I may have to try that!!!!!
  2. Awesome boots !!!
  3. Looks pretty awesome! You got some great responses to your outfit. That sometimes is even better then picking out what to wear!!!!
  4. I know what you mean!!!! I try to plan wearing jeans or leggings with boots and I always get that feeling,,,,,,,, where the miniskirt and boots!!!!!! One of these days I will make it out the door in jeans or leggings! Lol
  5. You got that right!!!!! Awesome boots you have too!!
  6. Looks like you do pretty well yourself. You have some great looks and outfits!!!!
  7. Both look pretty good to me. I do like the boot/legging look better though
  8. Very very very true!!! I am very fortunate as well !!!!
  9. Those are awesome boots!!!! Even better that your wife picked them up for you.
  10. I think both outfits looks fantastic !!!
  11. Those are both fantastic outfits. I think the red jacket out is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Those are awesome heels !!!!
  13. Those are really awesome boots!!
  14. Totally agree. I know I push the limits a little but just to try those boots would be fun!
  15. Omg LMFAO. Very creative. I wish I could photo shop like you. Two times today you cracked me up. Thx. I needed that!!
  16. You crack me up TBG!!!! But I would still try to take a lap in them. !!
  17. That's rad!!!!! Very cool boots!!! Awesome outfit!! I would even try giving those boots a walk!
  18. Agreed with all. We all had to start somewhere. I'm in my go dig or go home phase!!! Enjoy the heels life is too short CAT
  19. Welcome along for the ride. It is a lot of fun here. It's great to have an understanding wife to help in the quest for being able to wear a pair of heels that you like. I was in your shoes (lol) at the beginning and only wore heels at home. Now I'm out shopping clubs and where ever in heels and a skirt, not trying to pass as a girl. Just a guy in a pair of heels and I always get positive compliments Again welcome, CAT
  20. Saw this for men's heel fashion 2017. guys look a little awkward in there cat walk,,,,,,
  21. Nope not at all. Very rarely do I get a no. Probably only 2-3 times. Asking the girls to take the pic always leads in to small talk or conversation about my clothes or heels. Some as you have seen even take pics with me.
  22. Thanks for all the compliments!!!!! Some of the pictures are taken by my GF. A lot are snapped by complete strangers that I just ask to take a quick picture of me. A few are taken with the timer on the phone. I just stop where ever whenever for a picture. Never really see out to go to a spot in particular. The only thing on your list I have not done is a movie. That will go on the list to get a pic at a movie!!! I have shopped for clothes, groceries, gifts, booze, site seeing, dinner, drinks, clubs, and just plain coffee at Starbucks!!! Have no problem being out in regular guy clothes from casual to a suit and tie to a pair of jeans and heels to a pair of 6" pumps fishnets and a miniskirt!!!!
  23. Agreed with all,,,,,, even with Amanda in some cases. There are some men and women that I often ask myself,,,,,, "did you look in the mirror before you left the house?" Although I have no problem wearing heelsin public I have yet to have someone tell me I look bad or rediculis, yes I get the occasional stair or point but I could really care less. And as most of you know I'm not trying to pass as a guy looking like a girl, I am clearly without any doubt just a guy in heels and a skirt and from my outings and post have been told I pull it off pretty well, even at 50 years old, even with my bowed legs that some here and in public make sure I am well aware of. As I have said in the past, I'm not hear for a long time, I'm just here for a good time ! Just my 2 cents.
  24. Looks pretty nice to me!!