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    Ebay purchase Lk Bennett boots in tan leather. Vintage but still really good condition
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    Jaunt #357, 2/18/2017: Even though I pride myself as being a seasoned fashion freestyler, I continue being mildly amazed at how easy it is for me to venture out in public dressed in women's clothes as a man. Of course, I credit that to how I dress tastefully for the surroundings I happen to be in, giving people no reason to take notice of me, and that strategy once again served me well on a trip to the huge and bustling King of Prussia Mall, garbed in a black denim jacket over a long sleeved red t-shirt, a button down denim skirt, black tights, Payless "Geneva" loafers and a black satchel bag. The loafers I bought several weeks ago and was waiting for just the right opportunity to take them out for a spin, and that was yesterday, meanwhile, I continue having fun carrying around my large bags as they store a lot. It was after eleven a.m. when I arrived, hopped out of the car and strolled into the mall where I was promptly ignored by the throngs of shoppers there as that place gets crowded plenty fast. My first stop was to a comic shop where having the large bag came in handy to store the books I bought, then it was a slow stroll to the mall's food court which was plenty packed, I opted for a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and a bottle of water. Yummy! I think I got a glance or two, but nothing of substance otherwise. After lunch came more strolling here, some window shopping there, relaxing with an Auntie Anne's pretzel while checking my email in a comfy chair, spending quality time in the Apple Store where I bought an iTunes gift card to buy a couple of apps, I was just another shopper in a throng of shoppers as I spent some four hours in the mall and enjoyed myself considerably. Back in the car, I drove to the nearby Best Buy where I haven't been in for awhile, and it was fun as ever as I left the store with The Accountant on Blu-Ray. The more I venture out on my little adventures, the easier it becomes, and the more I can push the envelope when it comes to places I can go, and I enjoy that too. More to come....
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    I've been in "family" restaurants like Pizza Hut (back when they had eat in dining), Red Lobster and Olive Garden wearing miniskirts and thigh high boots and never had any trouble, never been refused service, even during busy periods in early to mid afternoon when places like those are crammed with people, including kids. I for one can't imagine any establishment turning away a paying customer, just because of his or her attire, to me, that's bad business.
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    Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
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    Been wearing my new boots with a 55mm cone heel each day on the way back from the train to the car. On Saturday I had to go for a haircut in my local town, this seemed a good chance to wear my boots. After the haircut I went to the local market and did some shopping. In the market square the paving is large natural stone slabs so the heel noise seemed pretty noticable. To be honest I can't say if anyone noticed. I just went about my day to day business calling in to my favourite coffee shop for coffee and a bit of relaxing time out. On the drive home I called into a Tesco Express which is anational chain of convinience store here in the UK to pick up a few thing. Basically an average Saturday morning but in heels.
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    Always wear personal protection when working with a stripper.
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    Decided against the cinema because of the cost however my Wife and I went out to a Chinese Resteraunt for a meal. I wore jeans with black ankle boots with 3" cone heel. We had a really good evening, great food plus a chance to wear the boots in the photos below.
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    Although never have worn a dress I know you have all seen my skirts and thigh high boots but I have never been told I can't come in. I have been everywhere from Home Depot, grocery store, fancy dinner establishments to bars and clubs and have always been accepted and have never had a bad comment from anyone working at the places I have gone. I have always gotten nice compliments
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    I have a thought on taking care when we speak. I try to be articulate and clear on my meanings but... In my last post I mention that I stopped at Home Depot for some paint stripper. I used the stripper today on a book shelf and the following phrases kept going through my mind: This is the best ten dollar stripper I ever saw. The stripper sure did take it off fast. Getting the stripper into a corner was tough. Working the stripper into the ogee was fun (without letting the slightest hint of an "r" get into ogee). I just spent three hours stripping. It was difficult stripping in a tight space. I have never liked the term "stripper boots" but these phrases become particularly "interesting" when you yourself are wearing tight fitting thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels.
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    I visited my doctor today to review my blood test. I'm doing fine. I have always worn boots on these visits, in fact there was only one visit where I wore flats because of my pooky ankle. With that exception, I don't think he has ever seen my not wearing thigh boots. On my last visit I told him I liked cross dressing and he asked me how far I went with it so this time I wore gray below the knee skirt with taupe OTK boots with 4" block heels and taupe turtleneck with a short leather jacket. The waiting room was full and several folks nodded a greeting but I didn't notice even one askance look. The nurse called me and we headed back to the exam room and got weighed along the way (down 10 pounds [4.5K] and a size 12 fits nicely). While she was taking my blood pressure she said, "I'd just love to see your boot collection". We talked about boots and shoes for a minute (like she does this with every patient). I told her that I had told the doctor I dressed this way and this time I thought I'd show him. That got a laugh. The doctor came in and didn't miss a beat. We went over my test results, checked my ankle and shoulder and pronounced me fit. He asked if I had any problems with depression and I said, "Seriously, yeah I do...Trump". He just shook his head and laughed. I then told him that I was concerned that some days the desire to dress as I am is almost overwhelming and other days the desire isn't there at all. He asked if I was happy/content dressing and I said I was. After a little discussion his bottom line was that I was happy and not having religious or moral reservations, and no one stoned me (his exact words) he say no reason I shouldn't continue. He didn't offer an opinion of why the desire comes and goes. The doctor ordered one more blood test which I could have taken at his office, but it was more fun to run over to the hospital for the test. Again I had a long walk in. After registering I headed to the outpatient area where I was immediately recognized and warmly greeted. The same lab tech took me back for the test but this time a nurse tagged along and she made a point of admiring my boots. The three of us chatted and had a good time before I walked back to my car. There is a DSW shoe store near the hospital and I stopped in but couldn't find anything in a 12 and I wasn't interested in any of the 11s. There was a pair of beautiful ALDO OTK boots but only in a 6,7 & 8. The next stop was my favorite thrift store where I found a nice knee length black flared skirt for $2 and a brown/gray silk Bergdorf Goodman skort in a 14 with the $165 new price tag still attached also for $2. The skort is missized and is probably an 8/10 but I know a friend that can wear it. I'm looking for clothing that is a little less @CATish that I can wear anywhere (nothing wrong with the style but I already have lots of stuff that pushes my boundaries/limits). The last stop was Home Depot for some paint stripper. A sales associate took me to the shelf and recommended one. On the way to the register a different sales associated asked me if I needed help finding anything (first time that has happened) and at the register the young lady running the register commented that she really liked my boots. On the way home, I stopped on the side of the road several times and got out with my camera on a tripod and took some "B" roll footage of several streams. That invites passing comments but, I got none. All in all it was a fun outing and I really am feeling more comfortable in a skirt.
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    I was literally waiting for some paint to dry and thought I'd give my new boots a spin by going to my favorite thrift store. I wore the boots with white hose to show off the lacing and a 15" denim skirt. When I walked in the lady at the counter had a line of twenty people and only managed a quick nod my way. I took my time browsing (waiting for the line to diminish) when a lady in her 50's, who was a total stranger walked by and said, "OOh, I like your boots". "Thanks, I just got them". "There really nice, I like them" and she kept on shopping. I checked the lime again and decided to look at the skirt rack where I found a gray below the knee skirt that matched my gray OTK boots and a light gold leather skirt that I thought was outrageous enough for my new boots. I left the store with two skirts and a bunch of kitchen toys and only $8 poorer. By the time I got home the paint was dry.
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    I have been out for two days now in full CD mode. Yesterday I wore a short gray knit cowl neck dress with black leggings and gray OTK suede boots with 4" block heels and a black bead necklace. I dressed up to go to the movies and saw Assassins Creed. The ticket was only $3 but it was a waste of money. The best part was going to the theater in a dress and boots. After the movie, I stopped in my favorite thrift store and got a lot of Ohhs and Ahhs over my outfit. One customer went so far as to tell me I looked beautiful. She went on to tell me she was a musician and wore thigh and chap boots when she performed. I wasn't interested in pursuing the conversation much further, but the complement was nice. While I was there I found an Ann Taylor gray straight line below the knee length skirt with a tasteful slit in the front. I also mad a quick run through Sam's. Today I went for a blood test wearing the Ann Taylor skirt, hose, gray suede OTK boots with 4" block heels, a short sleeved satin blouse (blood test), a blue/gray scarf, and a brass necklace and makeup. I had to park in a distant parking lot and had a good walk to the entrance of the hospital during which it started to lightly rain. As a guy I don't normally use an umbrella (I figure I won't melt), but dressed as I was, I used a small umbrella, which the wind turned inside out a couple of times. In the hospital I went across the lobby to the registration desk and told the lady I was there for a blood test. I gave her my name and she looked at me and said, "You did say John?" I thought I looked pretty good, but I didn't think I looked that good. After registration I walked over to the outpatient area and sat waiting for my time to be tested. A young female lab tech came out and called "John" and had a look of surprise on her face when I stood up and walked over to her. Normally the test is walk in, get poked, walk out, but this time the tech went out of her way to talk about the warm weather and how not having a cold winter prevented the allergens from being killed off. She also commented that my outfit looked good. I walked back out to my car fighting the inverting umbrella all the way. I did get a couple of nice smiles from passing women. While I was out and dressed I figured that @CAT shouldn't have all the fun and decided to go shopping. First I went to my favorite thrift store and got Hellos form the ladies at the front counter. While I was out the temperature had started to drop and it was raining so I looked at the coats and I found a London Fog blue/gray trench coat with the lining for $4. I also found a brown leather skirt with a perforated pattern for $2. I don't need another leather skirt but... Anyway when I brought my stuff up to the counter one of the ladies said, "Oh I didn't see this (the skirt) back there, and he wears my size". The conversation went on to their really liking my boots and one of the ladies saying that she had three closets full of clothes in my size and joked (I think) that we should have a dress up party. (I may ask if she was serious some time later ). I wore the London Fog coat out of the store. My next stop was a Sam's that I normally don't go to because they had an item my local store didn't carry. I took my time and wandered around a good bit. I'm not sure if people were reading me as a female with really bad hair, or a guy in a skirt and boots, but either way, no one paid any attention to me. I was just another customer. After Sam's I wandered through a Target and wound up at a Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Don't go into a store like this when you have been fasting for a blood test. Anyway I have been having a grand time in this mode. ________________________________________ Addendum: I put on the new brown leather skirt and a black leather jacket and black OTK boots with 4" block heels and went to the movies ans saw "Passengers" and I highly recommend it.
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    I just received my last purshase, boots from gianrico mori boots, in white. 16 cm off heels, size eu 44. they are the same i have in black; i am so happy
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    A pair of Clarks Carlitta Quinn Chelsea boots with 80mm heels. Bought via the Brantano website here in the UK for £30 in an a size 8 for £30 and arrived in two days. I'm pleased with both the boots and Brantano's speedy service
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    I wore my new gray OTK boots to a monthly pancake breakfast where I provide music (hey, its a gig... no pay, but I get a good breakfast). I got a lot of nice comments about the music and a little girl (elementary school escapee) sheepishly said, I like your boots". For the most part I think folks just figure "He a musician" and don't care what I wear.
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    This morning I had to go to my bank and see the manager and complete a transaction. I wore my new OTK taupe boots with 4" block heel over jeans. To quote the current Lending Tree commercial "This is what I wear when I go banking". The manager remembered me as the last time I was there I wore a skirt and boots. Anyway, after the bank I went to the post office and then my favorite thrift store. When I walked in one of the ladies called out, "Oh, I like your boots!" I called back a thank you. While I was there I spotted a long suede skirt in a size 10 for $3. My first thought was I don't need another leather skirt. My second thought was I can't wear a 10, but for $3 I tried it on and to my surprise it fit. The color works with these boots, but I think my black pair will be better. Planning what to wear with global warming is a challenge. Yesterday was in the 30's F and boots over jeans was really comfortable. Today it's in the mid 60 F and boots and jeans are noticeably warm. The temperature is expected to vary this much, almost daily, over the next week. I'm still looking for the cooler weather as I ordered two more pair of these boots in red and gray and I'm expecting delivery today.