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  1. These heels are my Avatar also. They are not my "go to heels" for everyday because of the color and style. A little tricky to wear for long periods of time. But because they are an ankle strap with closed toe and the vibrant fushia color makes them my favorite pair.
  2. I wore my new gray OTK boots to a monthly pancake breakfast where I provide music (hey, its a gig... no pay, but I get a good breakfast). I got a lot of nice comments about the music and a little girl (elementary school escapee) sheepishly said, I like your boots". For the most part I think folks just figure "He a musician" and don't care what I wear.
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  3. Hotbed some skinny jeans at a Levi outlet, thigh boots seem to go well with them
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  4. I have the same pair also in size EU43 and I love the way they look Just keep practicing walking in them as it will get easier. I know the heel is really high but once you get the hang of walking in them you will love them that much more!!! Here are a few pics of me wearing mine
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