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Friday was a lucky day for me . . .

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I wanted to share my high heel experiences from this last Friday night. Since I may touch on so many other posts already made (pictures, would you wear high heels for him, in her shoes, etc.) I thought I’d start a new thread.

With a recent reorganization of my personal priorities (which I refuse to acknowledge as New Year’s resolutions, despite the temporal coincidence) and bolstered by the support of you on this forum, I approached my significant other last week to talk about, among other things, my passion for heels. To be clear, this is not new to her as she has known of my interest in heels and other sexual preferences from the time we met, but we have over the last few years become overwhelmed to the degree that they took a back seat. She has never, ever, been judgmental of these feelings I have, and although she may not embrace all of them, she accepts them. For that, I am truly fortunate.

So after telling her how much I loved her and how much I appreciate everything she does, and after explaining that it remains difficult for me to ask her to do these things for me, I told her I would like her to wear high heels more often and that I also would like to do so. To be fair, this was sandwiched in a much larger discussion of other preferences that are beyond the scope of these forums. I then left her to read a letter I had written since I often find it easier to express myself in writing. When I returned, after some playful joking on her part, she said she would try her best to do what she could since she loves me and wants me to be happy. Wow . . . I really am lucky.

So I asked her if she would be willing to wear her 4.5 inch black patent pumps to dinner and a movie for me. She often wears such shoes, or higher, around the house (or more accurately bedroom), but it is not common for her to wear them out. She agreed. She wore jeans to the office with tennis shoes, and changed in the car on the way to the movie. The look, as commented in other posts, of the jeans and heels was exquisite. The toe of the shoe was showing just enough so a close look revealed the sharp bend in her toes that hinted it was a high heel. As she walked, the heel would flash under the jeans, telegraphing that it was taller than most, but never revealing its full height and leaving that to the imagination. Although I feel her foot is perfectly formed for heels and that she walks well in them (a topic for another day), they had done the job of changing her stature and shortening her gait.

We had to park several hundred yards (meters for many of you!) from the movies, and for each step of the way there I was near euphoric. I actually wanted to lag behind to see her, but of course could not do so! The ticket line was not long, but for some reason slow moving, and we had a 10 minute wait, during which she shifted from side to side. So I took this time to ask her about her heels, a topic of some discussions this last week.

“How do the shoes feel,” I asked her.

“My feet hurt and I feel ridiculous,” was her reply.

“Why,” I asked. “You look simply stunning and amazing sexy, and you look very comfortable in them. I don’t think anyone has noticed.” I think that was true. I watched carefully to see if anyone was eyeing her shoes, which I’m sure most of us here would have been keening tuned in on, but did not see any reactions. We walked slowly, of course, and on the way to the ticket counter an older couple passed us. We arrived behind them in line and he did turn and glance down toward her feet, perhaps aware from his time behind us, that she was in heels. I saw only two other women in heels that night, both less than 2 inches.

“Do you feel sexy in them?” I inquired, trying to get her to open up on her feelings.

“No.” she said. “I just feel self conscious.” I hugged her, reassured her she had no reason whatsoever to be self conscious, told her again that she was the best looking (and hottest) women there, and that I was very lucky to have her and be with her.

“Yes you are,” was her smart-ass reply.

I think she cheated during the movie, kicking them off for the last half! But after that we made our way to the car, drove to dinner and enjoyed a simple meal. When we left dinner, she took off the heels and put on her socks, to keep her feet warm. All in all, she was in them about 3.5 hours.

When we got home, after a glass of wine and some television, she turned the tables. I spent the next hour, at her insistence, in my 6/7 inch fetish pumps, standing in the corner and practicing my walk. Most of what happens next crosses a line for these forums, so I’ll leave it at that.

The pictures below are of the shoes she wore. Unfortunately, she is not aware of this board yet, so I don’t have any of her in them, but would love to get some soon! I also don’t have any shots of me or my shoes yet, but will try and get those posted if there is any interest, but I do, for better or worse, have masculine legs.





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Great story, Britana. With a bit of luck it is possible that your wife may come to understand the aura she creates when in awesome heels as the ones you pictured. Sounds like your movie/dinner night was a good start towards that goal. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Women who wear heels are to be admired and appreciated for the feminine visage they create.

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Thats great Britana! While I don't have the story to go with it, I did finally breach the wall and ask my wife to wear heels for me. It will take some planning to try and manage a night out in heels, but we have a pair of Black Patent 3" Mary Janes that she acknowledged she could wear out in public as well as a pair of 5" Black Patent Sandal heels that I have yet to get her to wear. I hope I can follow in your footsteps and encourage more heel use from her in the future. (c:

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Good story - sounds very similar to discussions I've had before with my wife. She looks great wearing heels but doesn't always feel confident doing it. Did I say she looks great in heels? Keep encouraging her and she might do it more. Bob.

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