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  1. You need to fix your email address asap.

  2. Great comeback! Hope we can see more of you soon.
  3. eoneleg, a beautifully descriptive story, and so well written, too. Thank you for sharing your experience with the readers of this forum.
  4. The "sound" issued by high heels is yet another of interesting things about them. And my observation is that the clicking reports of the high heels is unique to each style of heels. You can't tell what any given pair of heels will sound like by merely looking at them. The construction and materials used has a lot to do with it, and the particular gait of the individual wearing them factors into it, too. I like the variety, whether it be the sharp "click" of a steel heel cap followed by the sound of a softer leather sole touching the surface, or the double report of the heel cap echoed when the harder sole hits. It's all good. I'd guess that this is particularly true in your own case, eoneleg. I would love to hear you walking on a hard surface in any variety of your highest heels, as your gait would be unmistakeable from all the rest, demanding notice.
  5. Wow, the young woman walking on the pier in the high heeled slides has terrific legs! (And the shoes aren't bad, either.)
  6. Interesting legwear, for sure, Pata. The shoes appear to be "Illicit" from Hollywood Heels. How do you enjoy them, in comparison to other heels of simliar height? Is walking in them a challenge? Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to this website!
  7. Great illustrations, meeny. You have great talent to go along with your "fevered imagination". Wouldn't mind seeing some more of this.
  8. Saucy! Terrific heels and a great outfit, also. Thank you, Pata.
  9. Great picture of you in those fantastice black patent pumps! Thank you, Gina.
  10. The shoes are gorgeous and do so much to compliment your visage. Will look forward to seeing more of these in your postings. Thank you!
  11. Pata, the photo sets posted above are among the best ever seen on the internet for beauty and class. My compliments to all involved, to include your young-at-heart friend who appears in them with you. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.
  12. Beverlyheel, glad to see that the hiatus in the personal pictures is over. It's great to see your beautiful woman back here. Although the grey suede platform pumps add a nice touch for variety, I think I like the black open toe stilettoes better. So nice to see you back!
  13. I second NH Heels reply. Great to hear that Mickey is at last improving!
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