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  1. I saw a pair of black suede pumps, single sole, with 5" stiletto high heels in a picture years ago. I have not been able to find a pair like that either on-line or in any stores.
  2. Great story. Thank you for sharing with us.
  3. The show has really evolved into an excellent spy drama. And Piper has turned that role into something very special.
  4. Heelyboy, thank you for your post. I especially love the quote from Anthony Hopkins. That's how we should all feel when we wear high heels in public.
  5. I have seen some women wear and walk confidently in high heels and they definitely appear dominant. But I have seen some women who look terribly uncomfortable and and have a hard time walking in their high heels and they look anything but dominant. I guess it would depend on the woman wearing the high heels. Amanda, what a great question for discussion. Thank you for submitting it here in this section.
  6. I bought a pair like those from Payless, but in black, like the one's in my avatar.
  7. I prefer single-soled high heels. I do have a few platforms, but the platforms are very short.
  8. Great looking outfit, Mr. X.
  9. Love the boots. And they look great over the jeans.
  10. And Mall stores seem to be more expensive. If you really want to go out in your high boots, take it easy and slow and choose a place you might feel comfortable going and see how it goes and how you feel about the experience. Sorry for the long sentence.
  11. I had one negative experience. I've shared in in many past posts. The bottom line was I was able to avoid confrontation and just keep the incident in mind for future outings.
  12. No really a challenge, but I am going to wear my thigh boots on the outside of my jeans more often in public. For those who don't or haven't worn them, thigh boots are so comfortable and feel so good on your legs.
  13. My female friend says that when I walk in high heels, I walk like women who walk confidently in high heels. She said she has noticed some women who are noticeably uncomfortable wearing and walking in high heels. But she said she notices women who are obviously comfortable and confident wearing and walking in high heels. I asked her if I had a "feminine-type" walk when I wore high heels. She simply said that she and was sure others could tell by my walk that i was wearing high heels, even if they didn't notice my high heels immediately.
  14. Nice jaunt, Jeff. With me I guess it all depends on the day. I have been in crowded places wearing 5" stiletto feminine high heels and either no one pays attention or there are quick glances and everyone goes about their business. Then there are other times in crowded places I get the stares, whispers, or even a chuckle. But either way, like you and others, i just take it all in stride and go about my business.
  15. I too have a very high arch and I avoid wearing "flats" if at all possible. I do wear running shoes when I am in a hurry to run errands. But they do have an elevated heel and a type of arch support.
  16. I do have very high arches and high heels are very comfortable to me. But many members have stated the comfort of wearing high heels without having high arches. As Dr. Shoe says, try them on and see how they feel.
  17. I buy all of my jeans at thrift shops. They are all in good condition and I have paid less than $2 for each pair. Also, I cannot believe all of the various style of high heels at one of the thrift shops I frequent . Sadly, I have not found any my size.
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