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My DIY height-fit enhancement

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I bought this pair of boots, seemed to fit well in the store but when wearing them at home I noticed 3 things:

-There wasn't enough space for my big toes, they were pushed too much inwards which caused pain
-The shank was a bit too archy, causing pressure on the side of my foot.
-They are quite low, which isn't a good thing in this case.

I solved all 3 problems in once, with nothing but paperboard, kitchen roll tissue and tape :)

As you can see, I created a new sole, and put 3 well folded sheets of tissue underneath. The shoes feel really great, now! It looks messy but you don't notice anything.

I post this to inspire anyone who has similar problems with a pair, and isn't afraid to spend an hour finding the perfect measurements.

Also, if anyone has a tip, that could make my design even better, feel free to share!

(I'm hoping the tape lasts a while, but replacing it isn't a big deal)




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Good luck with that lasting more than a couple of times worn.  I have tried similar modifications with tape, and I have yet to find any tape that holds up for very long inside the shoe and it doesn't usually stay in place, especially when trying to attach to a fabric as I see you have. 

The best I have found is a fabric repair kit like Tenacious Tape with some Gorilla Super Glue to increase the adhesive, and even that is not perfect.  If you can avoid attaching to any fabric in the boot (which is probably almost impossible with boots like those), your chances of long lasting success will improve.  Best of luck  :) 

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