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I've lost track of where I should be posting this.  I was very grateful to get the emoticon for when things went over my head :overhead:  Someone gave me a finger wagging one, but never got it added to the list.  A shame.  It was very good.  Now I need 'fished in', for when I've taken the bait.  You've seen Wayne's World.  Some of you chaps must be good at this sort of thing.

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Hi there, when you reply, you get the option to post and for 'more reply options' click on that and then at the top of the box you have a smiley emoticon, then click on that and a load will appear at the bottom of the box, then click the show all underneath, there are loads and loads of them


good luck


(did all that without using one)

The angels have the phonebox.

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Yes, I know how that works :monkey:   I feel you didn't read my post properly :book: I'm trying to get one of the creative men we have to make me some of the emoticons I need :snowboard:   One gave me :overhead: , which got added.  One offered a wagging finger one, but it never got added to the list :(  I want a fished in one.


I managed that with a range of inappropriate emoticons.

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Oh, please don't take offence.  It wasn't intended.  I was just responding facetiously.


In fairness, your first response, friendly and helpful, I grant you, does seem like you misread my post.  I was adding to an earlier request for additional emoticons.  There are chaps out there who do that sort of thing, and Tech had said that any new ones might be added to the list.  Indeed, 'overhead' :overhead: was added.


Hoist by one's own petard.  I've derailed many a thread, now to put this one back on the rails.  If someone could design me an emoticon that says 'fished in' I'd be most grateful.

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