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. Apples And Pears

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Amanda had a super idea for the Word Association Game, that we should use rhyming slang.  However, I fear it might derail the game, and we wouldn't want to do that.  So a thread on its own.  It works like this.  You have to come up with a rhyming slang version of the word posted before.  That means a phrase where you miss out the rhyming word.  I'll give an example.  If I posted 'Road', you might follow with 'Frog'.  Frog and Toad > Road.  So I'd follow that with eg 'Morse'.  Morse Code > Road.  I'd follow that with 'Assault'.  Assault Course > Morse.  Don't say the whole thing, just the bit that doesn't rhyme.  I'll give you a word to begin:



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