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Heel Spurs Relieved By Heels!



I have a heel spur in my right foot that really hurts, even when wearing sneakers.  I have found that wearing heels actually helps relieve the pain!  Instead of the weight being concentrated on my heel, it's now transferred to the front of my foot.  I'm wearing the boots in my avatar, and I have almost no pain from the heel spur...


Has anyone else experienced this?


(Admin: wasn't sure if this belonged in the "infirmary" section or not, feel free to move if you feel it is best) 

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I don't have a heel spur so I haven't experienced exactly what you describe. I wasn't sure exactly what a heel spur is so I had to look it up, and in doing so I came across this slideshow: http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/ss/slideshow-worst-shoes-for-your-feet


I do have a bit of what they call the "pump hump" on slide 2/26 but ironically it's mens shoes that have caused this for me, occasionally tight-fitting or poorly made ballet flats might aggravate it a little so I try to choose good ones, but wearing heels certainly doesn't seem to aggravate the situation and actually does feel like it provides some relief, as you describe for your heel spur.


In general I know the advice in the slideshow is very anti-heels, which is quite typical, but I think it's good to have an awareness of the potential issues and make an informed choice on good footcare so we can minimise some of the complications and maximise our enjoyment of wearing heels. Many of the problems seem to arise from badly-fitting shoes which in my experience can often be flats (or mens shoes) just as much if not even more so than high heels.


In your case I'm glad that you've found some relief from your heel spur, but maybe take care so that the extra pressure on the front of your foot doesn't give you problems there. Having said that, the boots in your avatar look a pretty comfortable choice.

If you like it, wear it.

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I have had heel spurs in both feet. I had both removed by surgery (8 years apart). Mine were pretty severe. I can attest to the fact that the only relief I could get was wearing heels. Mules would have worked the best as I could not stand any pressure against the back of my heel. I don't like mule style shoes cause I have a hard time keeping them on my feet. I did have some top strap heels that worked really well. A thicker heel makes it more stable to walk which helps a lot. Good luck

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