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  1. Show Us Your Favorite Heels !

    My newest boots are mine but I still have a special place for my old stand by sandals!
  2. What about Donald.... T not D!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be so harsh in my post. I guess I am just sick of hearing about the election and it is everywhere. I don't like to get involved in political or religious discussions. Everybody has an opinion about everything and I like to keep those two to myself. I like heeling and discussing it on this forum because it is the way I relax.
  3. What about Donald.... T not D!

    Sorry but this is the one forum that I like to visit and post and not have to give shit about political views. What difference does a new president have to do with the way I address my heeling.
  4. Newest Heels

    I have bought several pairs of Pumps and Mary Janes over the years. But these are the best fitting ones I have ever had. I normally wear a 5" heel but these are closer to 6". Since I posted the pics I've had about a full day wearing them around the house. No problems so far. They fit snug enough that I don't have to worry about them slipping off. I'm excited about a day out wearing them.
  5. Newest Heels

    Thanks for the input. I was planning a trip to the nail salon. I have only been once and had my toes done. No polish that time. I'm thinking red or black since the heel and soles are black. Not sure about the hose. Over the years I have always wanted my wife to wear stockings and a garter belt. So she has made it clear that turn about is fair play. So no pantyhose, only stockings and she has come up with some interesting shape wear with garters for me to wear.
  6. Newest Heels

    These are my newest addition to my heel collection. This is the first time I tried them on. Me and my wife want to plan a night out in them. what does everyone think of these. They are red and will stand out.
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Thanks Cat! They are really very comfortable.
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    My wife bought me this pair. I posted them in for the guys section under "New Boots" :
  9. New Boots

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Something has developed that I don't understand. I like it but it is very unexpected. After the party on new years eve when we got home my wife had some demands that were unexpected. Before we went to bed my wife set out a maid uniform for me to put on in the morning. she told me to wear my new new boots and the maid uniform and have breakfast ready before she got up. I did what she said and after breakfast she had me clean the house. After I did that I fixed lunch and she said to enjoy the football games on TV. She told me that once my chores were done I could do as I pleased. But when I was doing chores I was to wear my heels and maid outfit. Wondering where this is headed.
  10. New Boots

    Lot of questions but everyone seemed very supportive. Our closet friends were there and she was asking my wife were she bought them. I think they both were very interested.
  11. New Boots

    New pair of boots. Wife bought these for me. Wasn't really a Christmas present since she gave them to me New Years Eve Morning. She said I could only wear them when she said I could, but that just happen to be that night at a party we were going to. Was a little nervous wearing the them outside my jeans. Well these are not my regular jeans. They were my wife's denim leggings. The pic above was taken on the way out the door. At a party of about 14 people, these boots were the talk of the party.
  12. Anticipation

    First off, I took Happyinheels advice and told my wife that if we cropped out the faces on the photos no harm could come from posting pictures. She kinda agreed and said I could post photos of myself with the face cut off or blocked out but she would not want me to post anything of her. so below is a pic of me as we were leaving to go to the party on halloween. I can't express how much my wife means to me to be so caring for what I want in life. I took her out for a really nice dinner and then to a jewelry store and bought her a bracelet she liked. She told me she like where our relationship was going and to be ready for what she had in store for me.
  13. Anticipation

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful support. It was a memorable day/night! My girl is a great person and companion. I am planning something special for her. Will do my best to keep you all posted on our journey.
  14. Anticipation

    Up date on Halloween. Sorry for the delay but the Monday after the party we attended I had a big project at work and was busy for 3 weeks straight. I am trying to be honest with the wife so I told her about this forum. She wasn't to happy with the idea at first but kinda came around. She finally said i could post something about the party but no pictures. (Still working on that. Would like to post some if she would agree.) I will say she was a business man in a suit and I went as her secretary, with steno pad and all. She was dressed in a three piece business suit and she had me in pumps (5 inch heels) black skirt white button down shirt. Wig, makeup and nails done by a spa close to where we live. She made a day of it starting Saturday morning. It was a wonderful day and evening. She had me dressed by mid afternoon. I have never been dressed as a women but have to admit it was quite exciting. The party didn't start till 7:30 and we didn't leave till about 1:00. It was a day and night I won't forget. Oh and by the way we came in second at the costume contest. Lost to a couple dressed from the Rocky Horror Movie. Still had loads of fun.
  15. Sad state of affairs

    My wife hands down walks better in heels. Although she was surprised to see how good I could walk in them.