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  1. Well that tells me that none of us here fall into the category of 'Most Men'. As for the caption under the picture - - - Oh hell yes I would notice. I might even ask where she found those shoes.
  2. Ohhhhh - - I could go for a pair of those. Has anyone figured out who makes those?
  3. I'd go for #3, the wedge in black from DSW
  4. Heelster


    I had been wondering about clogs and mules as I have a pair of mules that I can't seem to keep squared away on my feet. Always seems like my heel is only on half the shoes heel area. Just seems like if I wasn't careful. my heel would slip off the side of the shoe.
  5. Haven't been out walking at all as of yet. My schedules are so screwed up I can't confirm anything beyond 10 minutes from now. They have me working 10's on third shift and 8's on Saturdays (Friday nights) My steel toe work boots are killing my toes lately, which makes everything painful regardless of what I wear. I know at this point that there is a good chance I will be in Cinci on this weekend, but that could change by then.
  6. If you don't mind, could you post a link to the HH oxford you selected as a reference? That could be a good option.
  7. Anyone with a cell phone is a potential poster of your picture from a Walmart, or any other shopping location. All I ever see at Walmart is the really ugly people who would benefit from wearing something that actually fit, and didn't look like they lived in it for 6 weeks. Most of these contestants wouldn't look so bad if they actually hid their but crack, and bouncing blubber bulges. All the Walmarts near me don't carry anything this dude is wearing. In my case, the bling is a bit heavy.
  8. Don't feel bad, and you may not want to push it. My wife hasn't worn a heel over 1/2" for years. She has one hec of a bunion (sp) on one foot, and she say's pain occures on both feet if she wears anything beyond a flat. Might be because she always went for the cheapest shoe available, and most of her working life has been on her feet. There may be some other physical issues happening too, but we are not sure. I know there is no way I'm ever gonna get her in a heel ever again, but she's getting a kick out of me in them. Keep in mind this has only been recently for me, and because she made a crack about me wearing them if I liked them so much. You have to feel her out as to what is keeping her from wearing heels, and get a better understanding of the reasons. Listen - don't push.
  9. Why not use one for sumer, and one for winter?? Now about those boots in your current Avatar - - where did you get those??
  10. Oh hell no - - - ! I live in the land of Football, 4WD trucks, Hunters, Farmers and Beer. If you don't participate in at least 3 of the above mentioned items, your gay accordingly. These guys couldn't pick a wine off the wine list to save their marriage (neither could the wives) not that they would even go to an eatery that actually had a wine list. Hec, most of the women around me rarely ever wear a heel. I'm already considered an odd sort, so even suggesting such an activity such as men wearing heels would get me pretty much run out of town.
  11. Well gentlemen, looks like I'm gonna be out shopping. I've spotted a couple styles of below the knee boots that should be suitable for cooler weather freeway cycle riding, and functional as an all around boot. All have 3" to 3-1/2" heels. May look at some other options of somewhat less obvious heels, All depends on what's on the store shelves. Ordering online usually causes me to make returns.
  12. So I'm looking at my small collection of heels, and I noticed that most of my shoes would be a dead giveaway if I wore them with jeans. Even my shorter wedge in black is a peep toe, and I'm not sure I want to make my first juant in these - at least not yet. What do you normally wear out and about, or what would you recommend?
  13. This is an interesting question for myself. I've always loved seeing women in heels and stockings. I'm definitly a leg man from that standpoint. From a position of wearing and buying heels - At this time last year, I wouldn't have even contemplated the thought, but that changed in ways I never would have dreamed of. I've always known I have a high instep and arch. I also have small feet for a guy my size. Runs in the family. Since I can remember, I have never been able to bend over touch my toes. I have what appears to be a very tight muscle structure which means flexibility can be tough. Sitting cross legged on the ground is virtually impossible for more than a few minutes before my back say's ENOUGH. Getting something out of the bottom of the kitchen cupboard was a hassle at best. Then one day, in a kinda dare, I bought a pair of wedge peep toe pumps at the local thrift shop to go along with an outfit I was planning for an evening with the little lady. I knew I was either a 9.5 or 10 in womens, so I bought the size 10 shoe with the highest heel figuring they would get a max 2 hour wear time, and end up back at the thrift shop. - - - Surprise, surprise They fit like they were made for me, and are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I then discovered, I could touch my toes, and even bend over and get that pan out of the bottom cupboard. There was never an issue with having to work at walking. it was like second nature. I wasn't happy with how they looked with the outfit I was putting together, so I was out looking around for something a bit spicier, and ended up buying a pair of Ellie M-juliets from store that caters to the dancer pro's - - fit perfectly. I had gone from steel toe work boots and low heel western boots to a full high heel stiletto in less than two days, and it's been a wild ride from there on out. I now have 9 pairs of heels with those original wedge heels being the shortest, and the pair in my avatar being the highest - - and I'm not done yet. Addicted - - Could be Fetish - - maybe Love - - Oh yes!!!
  14. I voted 'EITHER' but not from a fashion standpoint. Some people just shouldn't be out bare legged. Plain and simple. Myself, I'm gonna wear something that will hide/reduce the scars and marks of work related abuse I've encountered over the years. The marks are not gonna go away - period. I'm likely to wear a darker color thigh highs, possibly fishnet, or something with a pattern to it. It's gotta diffuse or distract from what's underneath. Now - that being said, I did spot a young lady wearing a summer high cork wedge slingbacks and a short skirt this summer. As she walked by I noticed a kinda limp to her walk. As she walked away, I noticed a definite scare from some kind of surgical procedure below the knee and 3/4 down the back of her leg. Later, I spotted her again and asked her what happened. Seems she was in a car accident, and had multiple fracters in her leg. She now has pins etc. She said she didn't care what people saw, but that she walked better in heels than flats, and she was going to wear whatever she wanted.
  15. Not sure yet as I haven't tried metal tipped heels. As for western riging/tapered heel. they make a distictive sound that almost anyone will recognize, and it's not an issue for me. Been making noise for over 40 years in cowboy boots. I did find a shop that will replace stiletto heel tips with metal ones, so when I wear out a set, I try them out. It will limit my wearing them around the house as I just put down a ton of real hardwood flooring so the last thing I want is to mark it up with steel tips. The plastic tips don't hurt the floor.
  16. Probably in the guy or everbody sections -However Went shopping today real quick while waiting for some paperwork to be completed. Kohls, Gabriel Brothers, Burlington coat factory, and Payless all had size 12's in stock on the shelf. May not get the hottest latest fashions, but there was a decent general selection. You might have to dig a bit for the higher heel heights, but they are out there. I was looking for some black boots suitable for motorcycle riding and tame enough to get away with them as an everyday boot. I'm still looking, but the fall boots are coming out.
  17. Have to agree with you on this. The shoes just don't make it for me, but the jeans are hot. And what's he deal with the other chick - - looks like she stuffed the pant leg of her jeans into those brown/tan shoes/booties. Nope - that looks real crappy to me.
  18. Not sure I would even consider it myself. Then again, I'd be more apt to wear a 12" to 14" Denim mini instead, so I guess it's a question of taste, and what you think looks good on you. I haven't done the public outing thing yet, so my opinion is kinda moot.
  19. Understood - size 12 isn't that common. Still, thre may be other options. There has got to be a few men with the same problem on this site. Pose the question "where can I find womens size 12 shoes?"
  20. Question - Is there a reason you may need to make and/or modify your footwear? For the time and effort, there has got to be a couple thrift shops, and a Walmart or Payless in the area. As strange as it may seem, I've picked up some fantastic deals at garage sales. Found a pair of red 5" Ellie stiletto pumps for $5.00 about a month ago. Seems the woman had to buy them along with the rest of the bridesmaids, She wore them at the wedding service (good Methodist wedding - 15 minutes max) Pictures afterwords, and took them off for the reception. I'm breaking them in now. Also ran into a moving sale at a college town. Girls were liquidating before driving away after graduation. One of the girls had been a dancer/waitress, and liquidated her whole wardrobe. Got some steals in big platforms there. Everything looked like it was never used. Still had the label stickers under the shank. Only the 'tip jar' models had any wear (and no, I didn't buy those).
  21. I might be able to make it. It ain't that far away. With my crappy schedules, I make no commitments to anything beyond 10 minutes from now.
  22. Never - - not even on Halloween. It's even rare to see a guy in a western riding heeled cowboy boot. I've been told that there are some guys who do buy/wear stiletto's in the area, but I have never seen a guy in the womens shoe department of any store comparing shoes. Some days I feel like the freak when I'm in a thrift store or an 'exotic boutique' looking for that special size 10. One sales associate at an adult boutique always has something for me to try on.
  23. Ellie has pretty much cut the wedge product lines, but the 621 series is kinda interesting.
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