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  1. Oh it seems too. I only have to decide what pair I'll meet her at the door with this evening - - - what goes good with handcuffs and a collar - - - oh never mind.
  2. 2Heel: Seems your having some issues with the management about your listings. I can see both sides of the issue so I won't weigh in on it specifically, but I'm interested in what you have up for sale in your womens size 10. We really don't do Ebay and Paypal anymore due to some issues we had some time ago, but I may start back with them in the future with specific changes in how we buy and sell and handle Paypal financial transactions. If you want to check us out, the ebay name 'yulester' should still show feedback ratings. If you would the option, as I mentioned, i'm still interested in what you may have for sale. I will send bank check, money order, etc. of which you can make sure it clears before any shipment. You can ship anyway you like upon payment satisfaction. I have never had any issues with UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS. Please advise as to the posibilities.

  3. Carmen; I have always appreciated a nice set of legs in heels, and even though I would buy my wife some really nice 'bedroom attire' over the years, it rarely was touched. She hasn't worn heels over 1" for years, and only wears flats these days (not that should wouldn't want too) So all this stuff sat around for years, and usually in my dresser drawer. She made a crack joke about 2 years ago - - " If you like them so much, why don't you wear them - - " So I did, and what a surprise - - I liked it. Since last fall, I have aquired a dozen pairs of heels, I prefer stay up thigh highs in opaque and fishnet, even found some mini's, and every now and then I surprise her. Always makes for an interesting time. I took to a stiletto heel like it was a nature progression from a western riding heel. My first heel was an Ellie M-Juliet in black patent, and since have progress to the Vivid 300-Honey as seen in my avatar. Won't go over a 5" heel slope, but platforms seen easier than single sole pumps. I have Ellie 5" pumps in red, but they just seem not to fit right. Oh - - and Victoria Secret Bikini's and Thongs are so much more comfortable than the ones made for men. Gotta love a VS Sale.
  4. Hey Saudade: Yep. those Jessica Simpson boots look awesome, and I'm looking to try on a pair if I can find them locally. I'll prabably get a mild case of sticker shock (I'm a cheap scape when possible). I won't be wearing them out anytime soon as they don't come in a steel toe variety.
  5. Looking to buy a pair of boot, and realized today that all the HH shoes I have were purchased with either bare feet or some nylon/stocking foot covering. Over the years, I have always worn white socks inside western style boots from the mens department, but with the limited styles available in most shoe stores, I will be looking at the womens departments for my next set of boots. Tried on a pair of Dingo 522 in a womens size 10, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these were. http://www.shoeshow.com/Dingo-522-P14070C4.aspx?imgbase=732767 I'm waiting for all the new boots to show up in all the stores within the next couple weeks, but wondered what most people wear inside their womens style boots, and why. When I tried on the Dingo's, it was with those "try on sock/nylons" and the fit was perfect. Granted, they may not be that high of a heel, but these will pass as mens boots for most folks who know me. They have seen me in western riding and tapered heels for years. I would love to go to a 3 1/2" to 4" heel in a similar styling, but that might cause to much of a social problem right now. Stiletto's are out at this point.
  6. Yep - - that's my foot in the shoe. Hot off the press today Cheers
  7. Practice is a definite plan on my part. Was thinking that there is a paved bike trail a few miles from me, and there won't be many bike riders out in the mid morning, so I might just give it go and see how well I do. Walking around the house isn't gonna cut it. I also got a tip from a couple gals who used to be dancers/strippers (and who liquidated some virtually new platforms at pennies on the dollar to me). They suggested using a numbing cream on the balls of your feet to cut down on those kinds of pain issues. The kind of substance a 'toy store' would carry and goes by two 4 letter words, and next to the KY - - - you figure it out. As for my heels selection. I have nothing under 4" and up to 7 1/2 w 2" platform to choose from. Will be looking for a womens western style boot with a 3" heel or close to it for daily wear. As I mentioned before, finding mens boots with a riding/tapered heel is getting pretty tough these days. I'm not likely to spend $200.00 on a boot from the internet.
  8. Roniheels: RE: 3) Do show us what air you were wearing. I'd be interested in knowing what got these ladies attention. Looks like the Cincinnati walk will be at the UC campus which is a pretty big place, so I'm assuming there will be similar amount of participants. I know rape, and related crimes are a big issue on campus and therefore I expect it will be heavily promoted. Doesn't appear as though they have had one of these events in the last couple years, so that may bring out the curiosity crowd along with the closet heel enthusiasts. If I can make the event, I'm still wonding what to wear as I have never gone any great distances in anything over a 2 1/2" western boot riding heel (which is no problem). Toes are a concern with me as my steel toe work boots over the last few years have pretty much screwed them up. Also debating wearing jeans, or going whole hog and drag out a denim mini and thigh highs. Should be a hoot getting to the event on a motorcycle in that get up.
  9. Oh I'd go for those in a heartbeat.
  10. That's what I have been looking for over the years, but must US Tack shops don't carry anything like that anymore From the names and websites listed in this thread, I now have some places to look at although I do like try try them on before I buy in most cases.
  11. Good starter selection. If you ever do decide to wear them out and about, you will most likely go unnoticed if you wear long pants in a dark color. Enjoy
  12. Average Joe's are all around you. I for example work in steel mill equipment repair and big CNC equipment. Have to wear steel toe boots even though if something big falls, there won't be much of a foot left. I've got wrenches that will shatter a foot with ease. Married with children. Wife hasn't worn a heel over 1/2" in 10+ some years. I used to buy her stockings and cute bedroom outfits in the hope of her wearing them, but she rarely did. She made a crack last summer in the frame of " If you like them so much, why don't you wear them " so I did. Last Valentines day, I got out a pair of solid black peep toe pumps with a 4" heel, a 12" denim mini, black thigh highs with rhinestone pattern on the sides and a lacey thong. Needless to say she doesn't make crack reply's any more, and I've only 'dressed up' for her a couple times since, but I have expanded my collection of heels etc since then. Since I work the 3rd shift the last couple years, and she works days, we don't get much time together any more, but with the kids back to school, I have a good portion of the day I can wear whatever I want at home, and knowbody is gonna know. Not sure she's completely on board yet, but we will be married 24 years soon, and she hasn't mentioned divorce yet.
  13. Those would probably do well as a motorcycle boot, which is what I'm shopping for at the moment. I don't know why, and it may seem off key, but they look like army boots on steroids. I can hear the locals now - "Your mama wears Army boots" Sorry - - can't help it tonight. edit: I have to explain a bit. With the way things have been going economically around here, I do see women wearing army boots, and they are not in the military at all. One woman I have to deal with lately came to a high school football game wearing pink fuzzy socks (the kind with the rubber grippy surfaces on the bottom) and was wearing black fuzy slippers over those. Now I'm no fashion guru, but it was bad. Unfortunately, I know she can't afford a decent pair of shoes. To see a person locally either male or female in anything other than walmart atheletics and work boots / hikers means they are either well dressed for church, or considered a bit stylish or upity. You don't see many women in heels of any kind, and if you do, it's a sight to see. Even the local malls have a very limited selection of heels. Mostly cheap flats up to 2" heel in limited styles. The kids fashion stores do a better job.
  14. Heelster

    Dantes Detour

    For what 's worth, I'm liking #2 for an all around option.
  15. Heelster


    I'm fairly certain I will soon even though I am fairly new at this (less than a year). I have to be a bit careful though, so wherever I do go out, it wont be in my local area. The potential problems it would cause would jeopardize some individuals associated with me in a negative way. I'll have to wait a couple years before I do it locally. Also, not sure the wife will be on board even in two years. She doesn't wear anything over a 1/2" heel.
  16. Roniheels; Looking forward to your post walk report.
  17. Hey Shark: What I and a couple other people have noticed locally is that the major chains seem to be limiting their stock to those sizes with the largest turnover. Places that sell work boots have fewer selections in the smaller mens sizes as an example. For me, trying to find a 7 1/2 to 8 in a mens work boot (steel toe) is virtually impossible, and those that have them also have women buying them too. (Note. Most work boots I have had are worse fitting than high heels. They have pretty muck killed my little toes) You also see more women buying mens sneakers.tennis.athletic shoes when it comes to larger womens sizes. Mens sizes are usually 9 and up though 14 whereas womens sizes seem to be limited to size 11. Fortunate for me, I'm usually a womens size 10, which means I still have a decent selection available.
  18. hhboots; I was kinda thinking the same thing. What a perfect time to try heeling in public, and do something good at the same time. I'm planning on trying to make the event in Cicinnati Ohio, but I can't make any promises at this point. Work may take precedence, and with the economy as it is in Ohio, you make hay while the sun shines.
  19. Hey Wetwillie; $20.00 isn't a bad price for a basic pump in red. Goes well with a black t-shirt walkers are supposed to get as I read it. I may get crazy and put on a pair of Ellie platforms. Mine don't have the heart shaped buckle, but the fuscia chrome will make all kinds of light reflections. Maybe a black denim wrap around mini and purple fishnets too - - - or would that be too much? Ellie makes a 5" and 6" basic pump in a variety of colors. I have a pair of the 5" in red, but I'm really not a fan of the single sole pumps. I like a little bit of platform at this point. The Ellie pumps seem too thin on the sole, but otherwise they fit well. Usually run about $26.00 I'm looking for another pair of 5" pumps as a comparison to the Ellie's, but I'm in no rush.
  20. Hey Roniheels; The website says they use/sell LaDame 4" heels. I'm kinda wondering if I should just bring my own (Oh what to wear).
  21. Wow - - Now that's one hec of a collection. The only other thing I can say is that if your anywhere close to a US womens size 10, I'll be watching for the sale list.
  22. I'll keep this one in mind. I'm in the Cinci area on weekend often, so this might work out . Won't make any promises at this point. Please keep us up to date on this.
  23. Number 3 does it for me. Not big on the bows although I do have one pair with a simple tux like bow tie. I picked up a pair of Ellies recently just to add some flair to my collection, and the sales lady thought they looked good. Fit nice and the price was right, but now that I look back at them, I will have a hard time finding things to match, and not sure if they project me properly. - - - but that's just me. The Number 2 pair might just look great on you.
  24. Nahhh - -!! Just don't do it for me. I've been wearing western riding heels since I was a kid. Never liked the straight heel on a leather boot. Finding them at a reasonable price in a mens 8D is getting trickier every year. Local boot shop says there are a lot of us smaller feet dudes getting womens western riding heel boots these days. Somebody recently posted that they just bought a new pair of Jessica Simpson boots - - - I think I'd go for those over this design even if they were the same monies. Note: Seems to me that Western wear boot makers are slowly dropping heel heights in mens boots. You could get a 2 1/4" heel years ago, but now it's a 1 3/4" max from what I'm finding. Almost a chunky styles too.
  25. It won't - - - So I guess I'll stick to buying my own. - - - - but if it ever did - - - !!!!!
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