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  1. Don't know if your aware of this, but Tech started a different website just for some of us that do get into legware - - https://legwearplace.org/ Same format etc, and it could use a wee bit more traffic. Join some of us over there, and maybe we can help address the post !!!
  2. Ohhhh - - - shiny shiny !!! - But they look good !! But I don't think I could wear them out and about - - - Just to "shiny" for me
  3. All of the above - - I have them all !!!
  4. Tech is right. That being said, there are ways to approach this in casual ways. - - The shopping technique where you point out interesting styles you think would look good on her. - - Thumb through her Vogue magazine during a random conversation and point out heels (and other outfits) you think might look good on her. By doing this, you may get an idea of what she will or won't wear, and why.
  5. I was wondering what the quality was like. I see about 4 brands on Amazon that all look identical, one of them being Onlymaker. I've been debating on pulling the trigger on a couple pair.
  6. May be back in Silicon Valley soon. I'll message you when I get a firmer schedule in place.
  7. Your not - - and other than maybe Cincinnati in the south Ohio area - - - - Your in the sticks.
  8. The closest city would be Sandusky. Norwalk is closer, but again, it's Walmart or nothing. Most of the towns around me survive on Walmart and Dollar General.


    I do go through Columbus and down into Cincinnati on a regular basis, so that's when I get an occasional chance to shop. If the wife is with me, forget it. She's not a shopper, and hasn't been able to wear heels for years.


  9. You are correct in that I live out in the sticks. I have noticed that once I travel out into other metropolitan areas, I see more, but frankly, I saw a hell of a lot more in your world.
  10. Damned - - never seen those at a Torrid. Had I seen them, I probably would have had to buy them.
  11. Actually, I'm not surprised. Everyone I pass is empty. The only two women in two plants I work in called it "worthless". My past experience at the one nearest me was terrible. They kept insisting I was in the wrong aisle, talked about me in the next aisle over, and avoided me like the plague. I was a lot happier at a Nine West outlet store before they shut down their brick and mortar - - spent more money there too. It was the closest store within a hundred miles of home too. Now, the only option in the nearest city is Walmart. They have nothing but cheap sneakers, flip flops and slippers. It's pretty much DSW from here out.
  12. Due to business needs and frankly, just because, I've shrunk my wallet down drastically. I rarely carry more than two keys, and since my phone needs severe protection from work elements, I had to go with an Otter case. means I have no problem with women's jeans now. I do the vest option when I travel out of the country. It's a leather biker vest with pockets inside designed for personal protection needs, but the pockets are big enough for a passport.
  13. - - And I'm not one of them. That would be grounds for divorce per the wife !!!
  14. Doing pretty good actually. was a pain for about 6 months. Right hand / arm was pretty worthless for awhile.
  15. On 12/23/17, I found an unexpected patch of Ice while wearing men's western boots with about a 1-1/2" heel. My feet went left, my right shoulder made contact on the ice covered concrete. On march 1st, I had shoulder surgery. 3 completely torn tendons, and the bicep needed rebuilding. I've been a cold weather person for all my life - - - maybe it's time to reconsider.
  16. I have lots of firewood and nobody comes for it. Over 5 acres of woods with Federal Wetlands. lots of wildlife etc.
  17. I'd have to cut trees to get Satellite, and Digital TV - - ain't happening. We have tons of DVD / Blue Ray along with TV series we get from the local public Library.
  18. I wish I could get hard wired connections . Cellphone hotspot device is the best I can do out here in the sticks.
  19. I'll Pencil June in, but again, with my work etc. I can't be sure of anything these days.
  20. Yes I have a Facebook account. No way in hell I'm announcing I wear heels on it. I'm hoping the pictures of me on the benefactors web site from this last summers Walk a Mile event don't show up anywhere related to me.
  21. This may have more to do with Apple than Google. Apple has been removing App's from their App Store that it feels has too much "inappropriate" content. A recent example would be the Blogging site known as Tumblr. It became the home of a lot of very explicit content. Surprisingly, it became the GoTo website for bored Housewives and sexually frustrated women. Also became a relatively safe place for some working women to promote their services. Apple pulled the Tumblr app from it's website for this reason claiming Tumblr wasn't family friendly. On Dec 17, Tumblr removed any content that could be construed to be inappropriate creating a huge exodus of Tumblr refugee's. All this to appease the Apple "App Lords". Last I heard the Tumblr app is back in the App Store. Google rarely limits search content unless it's basically blatantly illegal, or could start a full blown civil war. It can limit where it's advertising money goes. Google doesn't want to be removed from the Apple devices, so it may have to be a bit careful in how it deals with promoted content the "Apple Lords" feel is inappropriate. I've noticed in the past that Google search results on an IPhone may differ from results found on a Windoze computer or anything Android/Linux based depending on the topics.
  22. I've been buying jeans at the local thrift shops from the other side of the aisle. Two reasons - better fit and better selection. I had an elderly lady look at me one day and said the same thing - - you know these are women’s jeans, right? - - Yep, I know - - She looked at me funny, then noticed the jeans I had on, Looked at me again, threw her nose up in the air and huffed off down the aisle. I laughed - - just too funny
  23. - - - - Macy's ?? Went to the nearest one to me just before Christmas. I don't know what Macy's you've been going too, but the this one had damned few heels, crappy looking flat boots, and very little selection. Virtually no staff, and you didn't need to have anyone bring out your size. What was on the rack was what they had. I like Nine West. Now, the only place to see them in person is DSW.
  24. The aircraft industry came a long ways after that. Structural fatigue in aircraft is on a level all it's own.
  25. - - - - You could learn to sew - - - !! Alter as needed.
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