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  1. I keep planning the same thing, but it never works out for me. I'll probably be out next spring.
  2. And here is my Walk a mile entry !!
  3. Didn't think it would, but there are some minor trends that would compliment what we do.
  4. Kind of interesting article, but still aways away from where we are at - - https://www.vogue.com/article/2010s-fashion-menswear-revolution?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=vogue&utm_mailing=VOG_Runway_072819&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_medium=email&bxid=5ccc966724c17c766a5c7241&cndid=54965621&hasha=8e08ddc01bab1aaec3e5d2515f6a4324&hashb=cb873a108c954e6fcdb67e43ba72a858c263ff96&hashc=4dfcd7df0f65c1c6aa65791652a4c08629cacaf5d4a983c0ea03556ba3976bb7&esrc=bounceX&utm_term=VOG_Runway
  5. Oh hell - - I must really be living in the sticks - - there isn't a heel within 1/2 an hour of here. Walmart has sneakers, flats and flip flops - - - and work boots !!
  6. All depends on the neighbourhood - - Certainly not in mine !!
  7. Yep, I'd wear them - - Since we've gone from torrential rain to 90's and high humidity, Something like those, A denim mini, triple shot of Bourbon and something on the Bar-B- Gotta be comfortable !!
  8. With the general attitude toward Facebook along with some other big tech by the Government, I suspect it won't get launched. If it does, I'm inclined to think it won't last.
  9. First weekend in August - Sandusky Ohio. Did it last year.
  10. There are a lot of places I will travel - - Middle east - - Not likely without corporate employee escorts from that country. I regularly travel into Cartel controlled areas of Mexico, but my coworkers from the area make sure I don't get into trouble.
  11. Heelster


    I like a bit of platform. Even a 1/4" is good. I have single sole and find I feel every little pebble to irritate the balls of my feet - Not fun in my book. I'll take a minimal platform over a single sole every time I know I'm on sidewalks.
  12. Well then - - You could work in the steel industry - - but they still wouldn't hire you if you showed up as in your picture.
  13. Same here - Heels in the kitchen is a regular occurrence - - - Maybe that's why the wife stays out of the way.
  14. I might upon further review, but given that I don't get to hire, and I know who does - - - No chance in hell!!!!
  15. Talked to a Boot manufacturers rep once about cowboy boots and that heel styles had shrunk, and the selection had changed a lot over the last couple years. He said the movie "Broke Back Mountain" just about destroyed the market. Sales plummeted shortly thereafter. Kinda sad.
  16. It's been a long time !! Depends on your neighbourhood
  17. Pretty strange to say, but I can't think of a place that carries Levi's other than the women's department at JC Penney. I'm gonna have to pay attention next time I'm out
  18. Your both correct in that the fabric has no defining characteristics relative to gender although you rarely find stretch denim in the men's department. Pink shirts are a regional thing - East and West coast and the daring in Florida and Chicago. Even out here in the stick, it's gonna provoke a 'gay' response or possibly a ""I've been married a long time and I can get away wearing this to Church on Sunday "" view point. Even men's dress slacks are fading out in favour of the cheaper jeans. The donation thrift stores are chocked full of what most call "Old Geezer" pants and shirts because nobody wears them. I can't say much because I haven't worn anything other than jeans and maybe corduroy pants in the last 35 to 40 years. The other thing I see happening is the disappearance of stores selling true menswear. If you have to wear a suit or something a bit more presentable per dress code, your going to a JC Penney, Target, and maybe a couple other chain stores, but other than that, your going to have to drive an hour or so to get a better selection than Walmart. Myself, there is nothing for me to consider in the men's department. Pleats in the front don't look good on me, it's all baggy and doesn't fit right. Pockets are way to deep for me (If I have to bend over to reach the bottom of a front pocket - forgetaboutit) Hell, I can't even find underwear I like in the men's department - I have to order from Amazon and get it from China. OK - - Done ranting - - I'll go back to my corner now !!
  19. Phfffftttt - - - I didn't get to far before I decided he was full of - - it !! He obviously doesn't live where I do, makes way more than me, and spends a lot more too. Soooo - - That being said, What does a 50 year old dude wear in these parts. First off, Camo is OK because you still go out hunting, You may actually find more time to do so. Carhart Jeans are always in fashion, but pricey, so you go with the cheaper option at Walmart, or the cheaper brands at your local Tractor Supply or Rural King stores. T-shirts in the summer are typical fare, but that U2 shirt may be an out in lieu of something like a Team MLB / NFL shirt. Cooler temps mean Flannel, and then progress to hooded sweatshirts. You have to wear a hat of some kind because less hair means to much sun on the top side, and being half baked all summer isn't good. Chevy / Ford / IH / John Deere MLB / NFL are all cool options in any crowd. Sneakers (again the cheaper fare at Walmart) are good casual dinner at a chain restaurant- - Unless your wearing coveralls. Muck boots then are your best option - - Kick the curb before you go into that Gas Station Subway. Need I go any further with this ?? Oh - - and in the last couple years, anything with an American or Confederate flag, 2nd Amendment and MAGA is considered a good fashion option.
  20. You probably could in your world - - Me in the sticks - - Oh hell no !!! Even the women around these parts don't dress that well !
  21. Yep - works great though I might not wear 'that' high of a platform casually out and about .
  22. Oh hell - - I'm thinking leggings / Jeggings.
  23. Don't know if your aware of this, but Tech started a different website just for some of us that do get into legware - - https://legwearplace.org/ Same format etc, and it could use a wee bit more traffic. Join some of us over there, and maybe we can help address the post !!!
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