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  1. It's not often I post nowadays, but I'm happy to see more women joining the board, specifically because the hardcore fetish element of heelwearing is excluded. As has been said (I seem to remember saying it myself back in the mists of time when I was a mod), there are plenty of other places on the 'net where fetish heel content may be found. Fo those who don't want that, the place to be is here. Long may that continue. Xa
  2. I did a bit of digging and found that the relic of Jenny's board is still being hosted. Here's the url of the discussion bit, now unfortunately spammed somewhat, but there are still entries going back to 2006 and earlier. There were only 4 pages of entries on the discussion board, so old stuff fell off the bottom into cyber-nirvana. http://members3.boardhost.com/firefoxheels/index.html?1328696672#t_8353 Firefox now administers this part, but it hasn't been changed for a long time. http://freespace.virgin.net/firey.fox/index.htm Fox and I met a Vietnamese (if memory serves) heel fan in London sometime in 2001. For a time he hosted the old boards on his server. Xa
  3. Hi, Pieman, Long time no hear. .... 265359 .... xa, 2.71828
  4. Hi, All, Before that was Jenny's site in the late 90s. There were 4 forums: Women wearing heels as women; men wearing heels as women; men wearing heels as men (the one which, in our context, took off); and women wearing heels as men (unsurprisingly, rarely used). Using Jenny's forum, we organised the first heelmeet at Highluc's in Belgium in late 2001. I met Tech from Guildford railway station then drove up to Firefox where Calv joined us. Cue one late-night drive to Dover to catch the car ferry where we met up with Jagman. We then drove to Highluc's where Jeff (who hosted hhplace on his server soon after) Lion and GJ made up the Belgian/Dutch contingent. Cue lots of shopping and eating (Luc loved his food, despite the fact he had heart problems) and mountains of 'fritten' ..... Belgians love their chips/french fries. I educated the Belgians in the taste of fritten with vinegar which had never entered their thoughts. At least it is better than their choice, ie mayonnaise! There you go, there's a bit of history for you. If you dig around in the posts from 2002 when the board was formed, you will find out more of what we were up to in those days. Best wishes, Xa
  5. Silly me; of course Bw = best wishes. Knowing the woman, that makes complete sense. Nice point about introducing the heely thing, not being too matter-of-fact about it. Thanks, Tech. Xa
  6. A certain amount of flirting between myself and a young lady in my local hiking group has resulted in various text messages. I'm stumped by the signoff:- "Bw, Elizabeth" Have I cause to think I'm a lucky boy ? Xa BTW, the only boots she has yet seen me in are sturdy ones with treads that a tractor would be proud of. The 50 pairs whose only country use would be to spike the lawn she has no knowledge of ..... yet !
  7. Pretty People Only. If you look good, you will be invited in. If you are in your 50s and don't, your chances are much less. I went to one of their events some years ago. Yes, the hoi-polloi were in the main arena, but scouts were going around to invite photogenic people into the 'back room' to make the video which was used to portray the event (and was available for sale afterwards). Xa
  8. Hi, Yes, the Niza boots were the ones I was interested in. Funny ..... I could have sworn that the price was £100 yesterday. I agree with you that the 'approx' 6" heel and 0.8" internal platform is a load of hooey. Judging from the pic, I would say that the heel is 4.5" with maybe an internal plat of 0.5". This aside, they're a great looking pair of boots in leather for a good price. Unfortunately they don't accept phone orders and, since my bank details go nowhere near the internet* (at least by my doing) then I'll spend my money elsewhere. Xa *1 If hacker nerds can find their way into the Pentagon's system, how much protection do you think £30 worth of Norton's Noddy Software is going to afford you? *2 Norton's Noddy Software is REACTIVE, not proactive. In other words it looks for hacking threats and viruses that have been discovered previously. It cannot know about threats that are new (and conveniently makes a nice living updating the old database). *3 I have 2 credit cards, one of which is never used for phone or remote purchases and is never used to buy petrol. The other card is used for remote purchases and is also never used to buy petrol. Guess how many scam attempts there have been on the more secure card .... NONE ! The less secure card has had attempts at phishing when I have been phoned by some smooth talking barsteward trying to get my info and has even been sent texts telling me that I've won King Ongabulu's lottery ..... funny how this relatively anonymous 'pay as you go' phone is the contact number for the less secure card, and is used for that card alone !
  9. www.medwinds.com do some interesting boots .... I really like the brown kneehighs with a chunky heel. At £100, the price is cheap for all leather. The question I ask, is this too good to be true and has anyone used them before? Xa
  10. Hi, L&L, There's some really good quality stuff from www.fuss-schuhe.de if you avoid their 'black leathery ( = nasty plastic )' in up to size 46. If your really want to push out the boat, and destroy the UK balance of payments, www.ernest.fr do their 'grandes pointures' up to size 46. I'm not sure if Jean Gaborit are still around, but they used to do some large styles too. Search the board for Jean Gaborit for more info. Best wishes doing your BSc. In haste, Xa
  11. Hi, Shafted, Yes, nice to re-make acquaintence after such along time. I don't do too much with this board now, especially when comments such as tech's above appear all too frequently. cu Xa
  12. I had a quick squint through some of the comments from the knuckleheads. The one I liked went something along the line of ' ....... but real men wear boots'. Unfortunately, I won't compromise my alter-identity on Yahoo to add the comment:- ..... real men wear boots ...... yes, skin-hugging, knee-high, louboutins with a 6" heel and 1" platform. xa
  13. What goes around, comes around. http://www.hhplace.org/guys/1318-mum_why_man_wearing_those_shoes_plus_phone_call.html Xa
  14. My advice to friends out in those unstable parts of the world is:- Keep your eyes open. Keep your wits about you. Keep your mates with you to watch your back, and watch theirs in return. Best wishes, Xa
  15. Years ago, I hid a pair of 4" heel knee high boots in an oversize pair of wellies. Yes, it worked, but the wellies were so cumbersome and heavy they dominated the feel of of the heels. In comparison to wearing a pair of heels by themselves, the result was quite unsatisfying. Xa
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