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  1. I'm in Vancouver, but have not been on here much recently. Give me a shout. HJT
  2. Are you're still up for a coffee? I'm out in Coquitlam, and am not in Vancouver too often, but let me know.

  3. Hi Hiroshi, great hearing from you! Hope your having a great summer? Yes, it is time to start planning another visit to the coast and Heel Meet! Will let you know, David

  4. Hi David, Coming to the coast soon? Hiroshi

  5. Want to grab a coffee in Van some day? I live near Granville Island.

  6. asdaaergelkuzipo'xchvn Note to self: keyboard works better without drool on it. Great photos Beverlyheels!
  7. Anyone else? It is tomorrow! I am still debating which pair to wear. I have a pedicure booked in the afternoon, so I should be all cleaned up and shiny! H
  8. I love the Pleasers sandals you chose as your heel trainers. Keep up the great work, and keep posting pictures.

  9. Jennifer is one of those natural beauties. And shoe has a great shoe collection! Thanks
  10. I don't mind the slim (1/2 inch) platform. It does add comfort, but the higher ones just don't do it for me. They just start to look heavier and change the proportion/balance of the look.
  11. Wish I could join you. So when are we going to have another Heel Meet out this way?
  12. Daytime would be tough for me, but evenings and weekends are usually open. But send me a PM and we might be able to make it happen some day.
  13. David, great to finally meet you. We'll have to do it again some time. Hopefully get ta few more faces, er heels, out next time. BTW, love the boots. H
  14. So, who's in? I should be there about 8, if not earlier.
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