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  1. Hi Steve.  It's Catherine.  Just seeing how you are doing.im doing great. Hoping to see you and Connie sometime in the near future. My email is katiegrundle@gmail.com. 


    1. Steve63130


      Hi, Catherine!

      Thanks for the greeting. It's great to see your picture. You look stunning. And those boobs look very real. I love your hairstyle, too. I think you've transitioned very well so far. So give me the details. Are you on hormones now? And you're barefoot in the pic. You DO wear heels, don't you? Is your collection larger? What's new? It's hard to tell in the photo, but it looks like your legs aren't shaved. Do you shave them? Arms too? Do you wear nylon hosiery? What do you prefer, pantyhose, tights, or stockings?

      Things are good with us in Ohio. We've moved into a nearby retirement community and we're selling the big Victorian house in town that we've lived in for 31 years. I'm still wearing heels in public just about every day. I had a great time with summer sandals. Now it's colder and just yesterday I got out the boots. The sandals will go in storage soon and the loafers, clogs, and pumps will emerge.

      I'll tell Connie you wrote. She's out tonight. I'm at home with a bad cold, coughing my head off! Take care.


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