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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm delighted to sign up to HH Place to converse, ask questions and give some opinions. I hope I can help with other people's questions too. I have been wearing women's shoes nearly every day now for over 17 years; it truly is one of life's joys! I am male, but once I slip on a pair of heels I feel all woman! I know I'm not, but hey! Classic pointy toe stilettos are my absolute favourites, which I usually team up with a skirt or leggings, stockings and sometimes a gold ankle chain. More often than not I wear a nice nail polish too. I feel very blessed to have small and very feminine feet, which are just ideal for high heels. I guess having flexible ankles helps too;-) And I love to keep my feet looking great with regular foot care (filing, exfoliating, moisturising etc), which is also necessary for my website. I love to pose! Apart from posing, I created the website and Youtube channel as a kind of record of all my shoes etc. I lost or deleted all the pictures from my early days, which is a shame really. Still, some of these shoes have a good few years wear on them! So hopefully I can contribute a bit of experience and have some interesting chats on here. Anyway, I hope I haven't blethered on too long! SharpHeelz.
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