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  1. Hello Kitty_Shoes, hope you have a Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks all... definitely a case of looking forwards, not wallowing in the present xx /K
  3. Hi all, Had a fall in Romania a couple of weeks ago and broke my left foot in five places. http://www.aronline.co.uk/blogs/2011/09/21/blog-broken-bones-roads-rover/ Am now coming to terms with being heel-less for weeks to come, and it's, er, not a nice prospect. How do I cheer myself up? /Kxx
  4. Leave 'em on. I have pink painted nails, and the last time I answered barefoot to the postie, I couldn't get him to take his eyes off my feet... K
  5. Patent Heel, It's true - I hope you're enjoying the ride as much as I am watching you taking it... Your number one fan K Xx
  6. Was out again last night... went into town (Northampton), and strutting my stuff in my favourite pink stilettos. Didn't get any problems, although a couple of giggly 'nice shoes' from some drunken female revellers. Not sure I'm ready to wear them regularly as streetheeling toys, but on femme nights out, they're lovely. Shame I don't have a matching outfit. See what you think K Xx
  7. You speak for many of us when you say that I couldn't agree more... K Xxx
  8. Gorgeous. Wonder if you can get these in the UK? I want them K Xx
  9. Muddypaws - I must ask. What's the name of those? They are lovely - I love that style. In black, I think they would be my perfect shoes K Xx
  10. Well it was another streetheeling day for me. Well, my second excluding jaunts en femme. It was interesting, and ultimately very satisfying. I wore a reasonably boring set of boots (the ones earlier in the thread), but they felt great - and headed out to Northampton to do some Christmas shopping. Loved the feeling, the expression, and the way that a few people looked and smiled, but there seemed to be no ill-feeling directed towards me. However, I discovered a place that I've never been to before, which has been praised in here before - Priceless Shoes - and I have to say that it was terrific. I tried my best to avoid buying any shoes, but couldn't contain myself and went for a nice pair of black stillettos, and some Mary Janes. I didn't try them on the shop (well I did one of the Mary Janes, just for size and it was fine). I don't know why, but I've always been attracted to Mary Janes (someone should try and explain it sometime), and as a result, thought - noodles - put them on and walked back through town and to the car in them... Fantastic. I've never been happier. Oh, did anyone notice? Well a few looked, but no one seemed uncomfortable with seeing a guy in heels, and I overheard one girl say to her friend 'how can he walk in those heels?' Not in a bad way, you understand... Anyhoo, that's enough about me... Here are the shoes. Sexy, they aint, but for some reason I do like 'em (maybe I just have a thing for straps) :-) K
  11. Thanks a lot, all... I've only been quiet because my work built up towards Christmas. You'll find that I might disappear off the radar one week in every three - although I'll try my best to stay in touch. K Xx
  12. I have a pair just like that. Gorgeous aren't they? K
  13. Thanks, all... I'm off out with a girlfriend for some shopping tomorrow... heels it will be for me. I'll let you know how it goes K Xx
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