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  1. Well.... I exchanged my sock booties I posted earlier in this thread.... From tan to black because they had some in stock. Omg they look so good. Well worth the wait lol
  2. @MackyHeels Tried to roll up the jean a bit, calves too big though haha
  3. hahaha Nothing wrong with Czech. I can understand some of it, being born in the country north of you. =)
  4. Probably not genuine lol But it looks and feels nice.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a reliable place to buy online, what do you all generally use for cheaper shoes? I saw Simmishoes as one and AliExpress, even though I know it's a Chinese knock off site lol
  6. Welcome, Krystof. Praha is one of my favourite cities in the world, glad to have you here!
  7. haha Well if you are ever interested. https://www.callitspring.com/us/en_US/women/footwear/boots/Frerrassa/p/11355068 (They got them in black too) And yea they look nice when the jean is rolled up, but these ones don't have a high shaft, so I don't mind tucking them into the jeans.
  8. Leggings have always been women’s best kept secret lol
  9. And a pair of Monicarinas... Would be nice if someone knew where I could get a similar knock off pair.
  10. How's the quality and everything else that comes with it? They have a lot of nice heels I am curious in.
  11. hahaha I can only definitely walk in there for 20-30 mins before it gets sore, but then again, I've never worn an arch this high and my weight too. Hopefully in time, it will be much more longer.
  12. Hi everyone, my first post on here. I just made a welcome thread too for more info, but here are the booties I recently bought from Call It Spring. Suede front, everything else stretches which is nice, since my feet are kind of fat now.. I love how point they make my toes look. 4.5 inch heel, no platform, size 10US for those curious. I've worn 7-8 inch heels in the past, but none with this arch. And I don't think I can ever go back to anything less than a 4 inch arch now. I definitely like them over leggings or under tight jeans, I love the look. Please enjoy!
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