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    Cali World

    I found this: https://www.freebirdstores.com/ Their brand is “Freebird by Steven”, did they used to have a relationship with Madden?
  2. p1ng74

    Cali World

    The Freebird Blaze looks like a really solid shoe - they appear to have a Goodyear welt? Find a good cobbler who can reheel and resole them and you can wear them for a lifetime.
  3. Thanks! The silhouette of the skirt contributes to the slender look, and it feels good to be able to wear something at my waist line. I ignored what people say about aging and waist size and with just a little effort got back to where it was before I started college. Skirts like this will help motivate me to maintain it that way, and I feel better and more energetic like this anyway. I might go out shopping later so I won't change into the skirt tonight, but I'm planning to give this a try for breakfast downstairs tomorrow morning.
  4. Hawaii and most of Indiana opted out too. Must have happened back when there was more freedom.
  5. I would not wear this skirt into the office, but I might have enough confidence now to walk around the hotel like this tomorrow morning. I wonder what people would think, or if some wouldn’t even notice?
  6. I love all the buckles - I am a sucker for them!
  7. Florida voted in July to stop observing daylight savings, yet they are still blocked from implementing it by the US Congress. Seems the lawyers in Washington need remedial review on the Constitution.
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