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  1. I'm not sure if it is the heels or just some of the technique that differs from what I know about organ playing, which is limited to what I have pieced together from various sources, none of which were formal lessons. I mean, the first thing I noticed is how low on the pedal she toes the natural pedals. Makes for a huge distance between the natural and half-tone pedals, which I imagine creates a ton of extra movement and work for legato playing. But then again, I am so tall that when I sit at the bench my heels are basically already sitting on the pedals, so I can't help but toe all the pedals really high up. This kind of playing is what I'm more used to seeing:
  2. I watched it the whole way through, but I just love tracker action organs. It must have been a real treat to play that piece on that organ - I'd love to place myself in her shoes, heels and all!
  3. I have also seen male CEOs of large companies going onto stage wearing sneakers with their suits. If they feel comfortable branching out in that direction, then I'm going to be comfortable going my way wearing 4" heels into the office. The prevalence of people wearing more casual footwear only reinforces the association of heels as formal wear. When the heels come out, it makes a statement - you're dressing up. The power of heels in making that statement will never go away, even if people choose not to exercise it as frequently.
  4. Apparently, in spite of their economic and political situation, high heels are popular in North Korea:
  5. I would never ask anyone to wear a heel like that either, unless that want to. But I’d be willing to try wearing them myself :p
  6. p1ng74


    The only test I have seen so far where they are actually doing a mathematical sampling to detect % of the asymptomatic was done on 600 people in Florida: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/03/30/600-asymptomatic-patients-in-the-villages-tested-for-covid-19-here-are-the-results/ All the rest of the testing I have seen has been either surrounding people who already feel sick or people who think they may have been exposed.
  7. p1ng74


    Actually Governor Abbott just issued a state-wide order in Texas that fixes a growing problem of navigating some of the lengthy and sometimes questionable local edicts scattered throughout the state. More importantly, the 1-page order supersedes all conflicting local ordinances. I don't see end game to the Wu-Flu with shelter in place and testing - it will only end when like you said enough people get it and/or a vaccine is developed. That is why everyone is talking mostly right now about how to manage/flatten the curve, rather than how to stop it. Even the testing is over-hyped - if you get tested, and come back negative, that doesn't magically fix anything. You may still get the disease tomorrow, and then you'll have to take the test again. It's best to still stay home if you don't want to get sick.
  8. Unfortunately it is not really seen in the US either, unless you happen to be a senior in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, and if you have gotten to that point you’re not caring what people might call you: That said, I recognize that there is some difference in perception there, as my wife said that she felt like everyone was staring at my knee high cowboy boots with 3” heels while we were walking around London, even though they are under the trousers.
  9. Isn’t it amazing how adults can be so childish? On the school playground boys loved jeering things to each other like “you throw the ball like a girl”. How is that any different from the jeer, “you wear shoes like a girl”. You don’t even have to wear heels to get this - I get those comments just by tucking my pants into my boots. “Only women wear boots that way,” as if that is some sort of insult. What are these guys saying about women, is their fashion so horrible that men can’t learn or adapt anything from them?
  10. So many guys I have talked to about my heels will make a comment about how uncomfortable it must be, or that I am about to break my ankles. It makes me think, how do they think women wear them? Have men really become such weenies that they can't wear heels?
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