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  1. I’d take imgur feedback with a grain of salt given how little effort it takes to hit a like/dislike button on anything you see. Shallow reactions prevail.
  2. It’s just clothes. Is a woman who wears a tuxedo to be included in LGBTQ definition?
  3. I have now walked with you extensively around Austin twice and you look great. If you wanted a video you should have asked! I've taken videos of myself in 4+" heels:
  4. I actually don’t own any motorbikes - there just happened to be one in the parking lot lol. I have helmets because I race cars, and I am way more comfortable wearing them than floppy cloth masks. Yeah I’m really liking how the heel shape of these boots turned out. The underslung angle is not nearly as severe, which has kind of a less distinctive profile, but at certain angles it really shows off the height.
  5. I am not holding my breathe for the next time I will be on a commercial flight again. It was fun while it lasted. Between the mandatory masks and cuts in on board food and beverage, I probably have no business getting on a commercial flight for a while.
  6. Trying not to go anywhere, but I had to go to the grocery store. It was actually pretty quiet there:
  7. Since they didn't even have the courtesy of sending me a note to explain anything, I guess I will never know. I figured if I missed something you folks would point it out. It was a somewhat small and exclusionary group that only talked about making and collecting custom and vintage boots. I admit I enjoyed the constant feed of pictures of custom boots, and I actually took inspiration from them in designing this pair that I just got. Perhaps that is why it hurt a little. I should just assume now that it was probably some misunderstanding. We did have some problems with Asian spam in the past, and they may have taken one look at my name and booted me lol. Though everyone living around here takes one look at my pictures and immediately knows from the live oak trees that I am in central Texas, so I dunno.
  8. I think you're on the right track and it extends beyond right wingers - guess it's time to move on. I have been in that group as long as I have been at HHP, and it is very well known that some of the members live and work near me - this is basically cowboy boot country. But in the entire time only one person has expressed any desire to meet or have any kind of friendship. Guess I wasn't good enough for them. On the other hand, the HHP community is spread across the entire world, and yet I have managed to meet two people here in person.
  9. I'm baffled - have I already pushed it too far with this pair of boots? I posted these 2 pictures up on a Custom Cowboy Boots group that I had enjoyed, and I was mysteriously kicked out of the group with absolutely no explanation. Crazy times we are in.
  10. Had to take a quick picture of the new custom boots that were finished and picked up today. The heels aren’t quite 4” but I think they make a bit of a statement beyond what men usually wear:
  11. Centrism has an important role, but in the United States it cannot be the only driving force in governing. Since the founding, the US has been a pluralist union, and we share this land with all sorts of people, on opposite "poles" of many kinds. We would give any president too much credit if we claim that they created the polarization. People have been polarized, right or wrong, for generations. For some things, where there is widespread consensus and overarching impact on everyone, it makes sense for everyone to compromise and be governed by the majority. But in other things, the minority should not be marginalized, and we have to learn how to coexist. Historically, it seems neither political party has been particularly good about protecting minorities, and that is because of centrism. They finally jump in when the conscience of the majority finally makes it an issue for everyone, and then it finally becomes politically advantageous. Centrism is also a key CAUSE of the political apathy we are mentioning here. When both parties sound, look, and stand for the same thing, having both moved to the center, people quit engaging in politics because a vote for either side is meaningless. Take high heels, for example. The centrist majority says women wear high heels, men wear flats. I would not hold my breath for this to be overturned any time soon, nor should I embark on a crusade to change this. But I am free to hold the minority practice of a man wearing heels, and I reject any centrist majority's attempts to change my practice.
  12. That’s an interesting spin. I’ll be sure to keep wearing heels when I go volunteer at the homeless shelters and see if I get turned away. If so I guess we‘ll know where their hearts truly lie. It’s good to keep revolution at least in the back of our minds. But party tension plays a role in protecting us from authoritarianism and fascism. All leaders, young, old, smart, and stupid, need to be checked. Countries in the world right now ruled by a single “centrist” party are not countries of prosperity.
  13. There seems to be a bit of enthusiasm over this style in malefashion so I bet they sold out. They have a 1.5” platform so the rise is only 3.5” in a large size - 5” sounds about right.
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