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  1. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. I can't help but thing of these things lately. I had my testosterone checked and it was low and I wonder if it contributes to my desire to wear heels and other feminine attire.
  2. I often wonder if there is a certain feminization in general of men taking place.
  3. The men's forum on this site is much more active than the woman's forum. My question is this. Are men the ones destined to be the predominant heel wearers in the future? It kind of seems so
  4. Sorry I've been absent. Had second thoughts about getting into heeling but the urge is back again as usual.
  5. Looks like the pumps are the hands down winner
  6. I like them both. So far that's three votes for the pumps.
  7. After a recent purge I've decided to get back into wearing heels. I'd like some feedback on which pair you think I should go with first. I'll buy whatever seems to be most popular. or I want to hear your opinions please.
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