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  1. I openly wear high heels too. In my humble opinion I think almost everyone notices. I mean we all look when we hear high heels approaching. (perhaps thats just me) I know that eyes will go to me when I wear heels, but it goes with the territory. In my experience women appreciate shoes more and they often like what I am wearing and will compliment me on my shoes/legs - more often than men do. Overall though I get a lot of compliments every day from men and women and it is empowering. I like being noticed, I understand the whole 'wear high heels to boost your confidence thing' ...
  2. ha ha ha I can run in high heels - but I have never tried it as a 'proper run/ - and I have only run in heels on concrete or similar hard surfaces. I do wear 'sensible shoes when I go for a run !
  3. ha ha I think I mentioned in there that a fitted mini is safer in many ways than a more a-line style short skirt. This skirt is quite short but is easy to wear. 2 equal length skirts - the a-line silhouette will always be more risque to wear if going up stairs or an escalator etc. the fitted skirt like mine above is a pelmut style , even a tulip mini is also quite safe from stray eyes.
  4. Neat look JeffB you have the legs for putting them out there - so why not! And typical womenswear is always far more tailored than traditional menswear, and does require good legs, bottom and waist etc as it is figure flattering if you have the body for it . Well done - leggings are a bit like shorter shorts I suppose too. Anyway - well done - and I say when you have the figure for it - why not rock the look ? !
  5. oops - and to answer your initial question re escalators and stairs etc... I just put my hand on the back of my skirt - or often I put one hand on my side and pull the hem of my skirt and roll it in my hand - it just takes the hem of my skirt in and pulls it in tight around my legs/bottom. I do the same thing with an a-line skirt or larger volume skirt/dress in the wind. Use my spare hand to grab one hem on the side and roll it up to stop it blowing. (only sucks when you have both hands full and all of sudden its windy - like when you walk around a corner in town and theres wind !!!
  6. On a side note - I also find heels truely more comfortable. I run a lot and I have tight tendons etc anyway, wearing high heels for long periods of time does cause shortening of the achilles etc - I know of this and can feel it in my legs - but putting my feet back in say a 4 inch pump is much nicer than in a flat. I do wear flats at home - but standing still in flats is tiring for me.
  7. going for leather i the right choice - its much better on your feet. I would choose the grey oxfords because I personally prefer the ankle exposed. Depending on how much you have worn heels and will wear these - and if out and about - the grey pair are quite a lot higher so will be much more demanding to wear all day. Grey will work better with the blues of denim than the black - although black still goes with everything - grey is a better coordination in my opinion, espeically with coloured tees, or neutrals and white tops. I would recommend tryng to get a calf leather fin
  8. I like the feel and how my legs look better in high heels. And I am used to wearing heels and I feel under-dressed in flats. Similar to wearing pants without a belt - I always wear a belt and without one I feel like I didn't get dressed properly. I am the same with my heels - I just prefer heels on my feet - it feels right. Everyone expects me to wear heels nowadays - and I get a hard time (friendly teasing) if I wear lower heels.
  9. Yeh I suppose - but I don't wear a short skirt to show of my undies... I wear a short skirt because I like the look - and because I can ! Not showing any underwear is a sideline issue that goes with a short skirt, and as you said escalators are an issue with a skirt - but an a line skirt or longer dress can often be riskier on an escalator than a mini that is fitted like the one I am wearing here.
  10. Gidday Henri, no - its not much different from any other mini I wear. You know - sitting down well - its not like a mini provides any protection between me and the seat anyway - the only bad thing about a fitted mini is there is no fabric to sit on, and all of my legs, and just the start of ones bottom in a very short mini will be on a 'public seat' ... and thats not fun. Its not risque etc, and just like any short skirt finger-tip length or shorter (or dresses) its people in front of you when you're sitting that are the issue - a long way off, and also very close in is still a
  11. thanks bambam I have found a short skirt is a nice look, and its easy to wear in the sense that its simple to get dressed and go. And its much nicer in summer to have my legs out and wear a skirt - its much comfier.
  12. Ha ha - and true - thanks Cali. For my 2 cents worth. you'll never get used to heels to the point that you don't know you are wearing them. You'll always know because if you're like me you'll fall in love with the sound you make and your walk - and I need the elevation and a lightweight high heel, no platform to achieve this, can't be done without those ingredients - so for me it is a stiletto heel is the only heel to wear ! Wet floors are a challenge, even wet soles on dry marble/tiles etc is treacherous, but you'll learn. The hardest thing is truely getting used to
  13. Gidday, Nice shoe choice. Purple is a feature colour - and I think they are a suede pump too ? Anyhow - I would treat them as a feature shoe - they can be the pop in your outfit. plain neautral shirt/trousers and a pop of colour on your feet! Or tone on tone - with purple shades as you are here. Is good advice from others as to avoiding bright reds/oranges - possible yellows. greys, blues, lilac,creme, neutrals, black will all be fine. Have fun!
  14. Welcome to world of awesome shoes! In terms of styles - they do change seasonally. I wear pumps all the time (boots seldom) - I have round/almond and pointed toes - in all colours and styles It is safe to say that a pointy toe pump (not super pointy) but still a pointed toe is the classic staple and is timeless and will always be on trend. Best colours for a pump would be a basic black and then a nude, other colours follow. The benefit of pumps is they work with everything from pants to skirts/dresses, whereas boots/sandals have some limitations as to what they can pai
  15. Wow JeffB over a quarter of a million views on this thread !!! No surprises as to why! Keep up the most excellent work!
  16. The Carrie is a very comfortable shoe. A reasonable height heel, not too high for all day and a very flattering cut to the shoe so its looks great on your feet. They are good to wear. The aesthetics are a personal thing - i like them - but each to their own.
  17. Yes I get your point. In my opinion the post owners should be the ones to determine that. It's their competition. Perhaps in their minds we need to work harder? perhaps they think we can do better?
  18. I understood Amanda and Megan were going to judge this at a later date based on the frequency and number of posted entries.
  19. oh very nice boots. I love the tassle details!! would also be neat with a simple tweed short shift dress in earthy tones - like the mod dresses of the 70s?
  20. I've often worn a denim mini and wedge heels on my bicycles around the suburbs where I live - in summer of course. I avoid a full skirt - but a slim a-line skirt is ok and a short skirt in denim/boucle/corduroy doesn't blow up.
  21. I mainly wear flats at home - but I often wear low heels at home, like 2-3 inches if I am standing still for a bit - stuff like cooking and ironing. I get tired feet in flats standing still. I haven't worn heels to walk the dog - I often run so I wear running shoes. Other stuff like shopping etc is almost always in heels anyway.
  22. Cool JeffB loving the outfit - and your legs are for miles !!
  23. well done - nice to see some bare legs too! Might as well keep ones legs groomed because hosiery needs smooth legs too - especially if ones legs are out in the open! I work the other way around - almost always I pick my shoes to go with my clothes - but there have been a few exceptions.
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