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  1. thanks Cali. It would definitely help you because they do hold the torso nicely. I really like the feel of wearing one. NZF
  2. Gidday recently I've been wearing a few corsets - started from a sore back and I wore a brace and thought I would try a corset for a bit and the effect was similar. Now from a fashion perspective I am liking the styling and the silhouette I have with a corset. I do feel it is very edgy a look - but I also really like it and have worn these corsets quite a few times out. They are not really restrictive unless you had the wrong size and wore them too tight - but they do help posture a lot !! heres a pic
  3. people stare at anybody wearing high heels. If I wear a miniskirt and flats I don't get stared at like a pair of stilettos and a miniskirt. Doesn't matter who is wearing, man/woman - its the heels that get the attention going. I don't bother about peoples reactions - if you own your look and a confident - the reactions are almost always positive. cheers NZF
  4. Don't you just love how a pointed toe pump works with stretch pants !! This is a good look on you! The trick is to show some ankle - you're perfectly ok here - but a little more ankle would be ideal 2-3'' (in my opinion) so a tight cuffing would work or a deliberately slightly shorter leg. Typically over the years I have found that pants with high heels are best either almost to the ground - in which case you need to stick to the heel height they were tailored for on you - or let your pants end above your ankle - that way as your heels change etc - or you change your shoes you
  5. That will go away over time. I have no concerns wearing high heels anywhere - other than the damn I'm in heels situation when heels are a nuisance such as gravel or a steep hill or slippery ship decks etc.... there's heaps of little scenarios. However my point is the apprehension will diminish with experience and it reaches that point where you realise you can just enjoy your shoes and clothes. I don't worry about my shoes/clothes and I travel all over the place from cities to rather old fashioned rural areas, and I have found its all about confidence. Wearing high heels requires con
  6. Well done on those outfits! I think the first one is best. Personally I find that high heels are always best with more tailored outfits - or more fitted and fluted styles - and for me that means a fitter top half to make the body look lean - and also always fitted from the knee down to accentuate the shoe... Mind you it depends on why you are wearing high heels - I love how they make me feel confident and I prefer the posture and I find the comfortable so its a win win. I am happy to show my heels and am no longer bothered about my heels being obvious etc - I was nervous
  7. awesome !!! I reckon white shoes are so spectacular ! And you've paired it up so well with other white/silver accessories. Well done JeffB !!
  8. I'm just curious. My question is would you allow another guy (a stranger you've just met) try your shoes on? I should also mention that this is like in a public environment. I have often been asked or in a situation where its was suggested that a guy should try my high heels. Usually because either I have been talking to some guys and one of them has admitted he likes high heels, and then he might have asked or one of his mates has sort of suggested he tries, there by implying a let that happen. Similarly talking to women about shoes, and then their partners also say they like m
  9. Lovely look. Looking great! I love the contrast black heel and the black piping around the pump. Gorgeous style. I'd definitely wear them ! (mind you I can't do peeps at work)
  10. bags are almost like shoes.... you can never have too many. a nice acquisition and I'm sure will be a great embellishment to many outfits - as well as so practical!
  11. I am in an office 75% of the time and I end up at factories, corporates, warehouses etc for site visits/follow up etc and I still go in heels. Admittedly I often have to wear steel capped gumboots at these places, and leave my heels in their admin areas if I am to be permitted into the working environment, which is fine because they provide the footwear and if need be I just do what other visitors do and wear a visio jacket/hat etc and gumboots. Can look a bit silly in a skirt with gumboots - but I enjoy wearing my heels as much as I can, and some places I can visit and keep my heels on still.
  12. I have used foot petals - ball of foot cushioning - they're quite cute because I got them in varying colours to contrast my insoles.. just for fun, and there little flower petal shaped pads and in my opinion they do work a little bit. I don't think though that a well fitting pump needs padding to any great degree, if the shoe arch is good and your weight can get back onto that heel as much as possible then its quite comfortable. I have the dr scholls inserts for high heels - the ones for shoes over 3.5 inches. they're specifically designed for higher heels and sit under the ball o
  13. pretty well said although I wouldn't say thin heels are notoriously unstable. I find them just fine, easy as now, and thats even after a few too many wines. I agree with your reference to pavements etc, but with regular wearing it becomes a second nature to navigate your way in heels, taking flatter surfaces, choosing steps over ramps, taking a longer route to get somewhere because the surfaces are better, not running across the middle of roads and using crossings etc.... Its just different but it becomes a new norm.
  14. personally I'd go with a pump because I can slip them on or off effortlessly. If security wants my heels off - as has happened on several occasions then I can just step out of them and hand them over, It would be more awkward if I had straps/buckles, zips or laces etc. Height around 4 inches is fine for me for all day - and same for travel. In terms of heel I have very few block/thicker heels and almost no platfoms so its a skinnier heel I choose. During the flight I can slip my feet out of my shoes if I want to stretch etc. I don't wear stockings on short flights - although I have worn a
  15. As a long time wearer, and full time wearer - its a balance between aesthetics and the feel. I don't like platforms personally because the shoe doesn't respond well or as sensitively when walking on varied surfaces, and when on my feet for a long time a platform becomes uncomfortable - and a little dangerous due to a lack of feel. regardless of the whole heel height/platform vs non platform etc... for me it comes to a couple of things. Colours are important to me, a lightweight pump is my favourite - I love the barely there but sturdy stiletto heel feeling. I don't get into comparing
  16. I wear heels everyday - to work and on my days off I don't wear over 5 inches to work because of practicality ( try t and see how 5 inch heels in my size goes after 10+ hrs in pumps) and also because of judgement - everyone judges heels - and as ones heels get quite steep so do the judegements.... 4 inch pumps are my go to shoes. Evening/formal do etc .... sure - why not get up on my toes and go for a pair of tall heels!
  17. why would that be? I'm the opposite, I'd be more inclined to wear them with a dress than with pants. They're not much different than a sandal/mule would be.
  18. Sounds like a good evening! I ended up staying at a hotel last week for work, and on the Saturday night they hosted a drag queen competition sort of thing -and there were a lot of drag queens, music and supporters/fans who were predominantly female. It was a little peculiar because they are so 'made-up' in the sense of over the top outfits and make-up - personally I like the style of high heels and a dress/skirt, hence thats what I wear but the extravagant outfits go beyond my confort zone. That said tough - a great bunch of people, and well behaved, and having not interacted with these f
  19. I think this is bang-on , and I would add that I find the shoes comfier with the heel on the left because my walk is more natural - the heel on the right strikes the grounder earlier in my stride and sort of makes me feel like I am walking flippety floppety - if that makes sense! I do have a lot of shoes with the heel further back, but i I know I will be walking or standing a lot then I choose a pump with a more classically postioned heel for comfort.
  20. I looked at this yesterday and its self explanatory. I'm not sure what the issue is - sorry folks! The 'button' referred to is on the right of my screen and is styled the same as other buttons on the site. (a bit of a blueish green colour) There's one step after clicking this 'button' - fill in the form (a couple of options) and submit and a club will be created.
  21. I have a lot of pumps with varying toe cleavage as its called and it can make the shoes less easy to wear in the sense that my foot moves too easily n the toe area - which is not what I like in a higher heeled shoe. Classic pumps web store - I have heard of their shoes and must have a look - I have never tried their high heels and I love pumps ! I might be missing out!
  22. doesn't it depend on the shoe style? It can't be helped with a lot of pumps these days? I've just become used to it I guess - but I prefer the silhouette of a classic pump - and nowadays for a lot of them that does mean some toe cleavage may happen.
  23. wow - that is tall !!! I hit just over 6ft in my highest heels....
  24. I think P1ng74 said it well. Don't over complicate the process. I wear dresses all the time and its not hard to find a dress that suits your figure. Its much harder to shop for dresses than separates because a dress shows more faults in the wearer but there are some basic rules - and to be honest a lot of women don't get it right. I'd say go for a just below the knee hemline to start - this is the most flattering hem length on ALL body types and looks good on all legs. It is best practice to have some gap between boot and hem so a knee boot with a just above the knee skirt, a short skirt
  25. excellent work! If my opinion is worth anything - I love it. Ornamented toe too? And clock heels are on trend too ! Knee high hosiery - stockings are uncomfortable under pants? I reckon go bare feet too - would look great as well.
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