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  1. Hi, I get pedicures - definitely essential to keep peeps in the running as a shoe option! Can't wear peep toes without polished nails! Thats like wearing trouser/pants without a belt?
  2. Hey thanks Do you employ a full time statistician! I might be available! Just kidding! Well I hadn't had a chance to look yet, but I definitely will. You have a lot of skirts, which is similar to myself, and I also see a lot above the knee. I too wear a lot above the knee, so I'll be going through this massive lot!!!! Ha - might have to call in sick tomorrow - it could take all day.
  3. Style: stiletto pump Rise: Platform ht.: 0 inch Heel ht.: 6 inch Net rise: 6 inch Shoe size: EU 41/42 in most shoes. Being higher these are 41. Pics (excuse quality - just ran into bathroom for hard surface to stand on!)
  4. Hi all, thought that being new here I needed to complete the vital statistics ... Name: Craig Age: 39 Gender: M Location: Auckland, New Zealand Occupation: Sales Rep Height: 5'' 11" Weight: 76kg Shoe size: 42 EU B width What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: pump Do you wear your heels outside: most days What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 4 or 5 inches (Your highest heel height: 7 inch (ballet pump) How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: daily (Y
  5. Hi Jeff, OMG. What a polished look ! I'm new here and I'm going to have to go back through this massive thread now to check out the style!
  6. Just thought I'd say gidday ! I've stumbled on this site a few weeks back, like what I see so thought I'd better join up. I love high heels, doesn't matter who's wearing them. I've worn heels for a decade, and have become more dedicated in the last 5 years. cheers Craig
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