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  1. Fortunate indeed, @KneeBooted - and dare you not take it for granted :-)
  2. Those look nice, @chesterx - I was traditionally a fan of the classic stiletto pump... but over the years have started liking (and buying) platforms too - and these have a very pleasing look.
  3. A sharp and impressive look, @JeffB Cute story with the crumbs too.
  4. That's great. Hopefully things will continue to improve. Happy Thanksgiving :-)
  5. That's a good pair to be pictured in!
  6. That's great @SophiaHeels!! Looking forward to seeing the other pair too
  7. Happy to hear the update @chesterx, may she continue to recover. and happy about your new acquisitions too - well done!
  8. Sorry to hear... Hope she recovers. My mother in law will be moving in with us next month, for good it seems. Financially she just can't manage on her own anymore. And we can't afford her rent anymore either... So wondering what impact that will have on my home heeling too.... I feel for you buddy. Chin up, as it seems you have anyway and try take care of yourself too.
  9. wow, nice setup at home. You could always start with a low heel, unisex kind of look and see how that goes. Keep it up and keep us posted!
  10. I feel for ya. Not too far off here too.
  11. Wow, good for him @mlroseplant. As you say, different times now... Kind of makes you wish you were young again
  12. Quite the trip! Sounds like you made the most of it, even though you didn't want to. Well done on the heeling!
  13. Wow @chesterx, that quite a story, a lot of heels! Where do you keep them all? And have you worn them all yet? Luckily... I am pressed for cash... Otherwise I'd buy more too!!
  14. jeremy1986

    Cali World

    Quite the look @Cali, well done. I like those boots. Get any comments? PS. Those JS booties look great too. Looking forward to seeing them on you
  15. Lucky guy. Great looking heels, by the way. Especially nice with the skinny jeans looks. @Lvemadomina also!
  16. I have one too - a great fit too.
  17. Hi all. Wow - almost 2 years since I opened this thread. and SO much has happened during this time. Some of you who I have been in touch with privately know its been a very difficult period for me, battling things on various fronts, but praise the good Lord, I can say that things are better now at home and I am more optimistic than before, and it gives me courage and strength to move forwards. On the heeling front, things have definitely taken a bit of a blow while I focus on other things and avoid heeling to try minimize possible tensions. I continually visit the forum, and heel via you all So thanks for that!!! Today I had a bit of quiet time and decided to break out a pair I bought from ASOS (almost 2 years ago, in fact) - a really great looking pair, and at £9 could not pass them up! They have been in my cupboard (still in their box) and I have yet to wear them properly, I had previously only taken one out to try it on. Missguided Barely There Ankle Tie Heels - Nude colored faux suede - really soft to the touch. Size 8 UK and they fit quite well - even the strap on the bottom is not overly tight, which is something I often worry about with those style of sandal. The bow looks quite large, not sure if overly so (I tied it myself!), but is very cute. (My wife has a similar style, but in flats). The heel is a stiletto shape 5" (12cm) - absolutely fabulous looking... Platform is less than 1cm. They are delightful to wear, and I can walk in them slowly, and believe that with more practice, could manage in them OK. And the rear zipper really adds some interest - love that feature, for the function and look! PS: Excuse the wrinkled sheet below!
  18. I just saw this on Also's site: For a limited time, ALDO is offering 20% off all regular price women’s and men’s boots. Offer is valid between November 7 and November 19, 2019, 11:59 PM (EST).
  19. Well done @loverleather. They look cute, and under pants, probably will go unnoticed.
  20. well done @Pierre1961. am sure you came back satisfied and accomplished!
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