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  1. Good luck mate, for the project and all. I find myself in a similar situation. see ya on the other side!
  2. So funny! Try with pantihose next time, seriously!
  3. Them dreaded pull-ons actually look great
  4. Well done @maninboots mate! Must have been a fun day! Who took the snaps for you?
  5. jeremy1986

    Cali World

    I can fit into a size 10 sometimes, depending on the fit. I would especially make the effort if the boots looked like the ones you posted! They look great, hope you can find the size you need!
  6. so true - you will not be able to miss that lovely click-clock of the heels... I have seen this kind of boot, where the shaft is removable. I think on Ali Express and other Chinese sites. Does it work well, or just a gimmick?
  7. Well done @Krystof thanks for keeping us posted. Great you are doing so well in these two areas! I'm also interested why you haven't received any comments, but I assume that's a good thing! How do you wear these lovely boots? Covered by your pants, or do you tuck them into the boots? Do you still have time to work at the shoe shop?
  8. Well @Cali - I guess that might be fun, yes. Are expensive heels that much more comfortable that cheaper ones? I'm not at the stage though, that i'd be comfortable trying on heels in store
  9. totally! Funny, never really had motivation to get a pair (not that I could afford it anyway!)
  10. Not sure about the spiders.... but these wedges are great! Totally my style too!
  11. They look very good from here, @KneeBooted. And instead of the sock, you could try the very thin kind, or even short hosiery socks - might give a better fit?
  12. My stiletto ankle boots in the same color (Fioni, from Payless) Love them - such a great fit!
  13. Those boots look nice, mate. and you should be able to walk in them very easily, what with the platform and stable heel. Enjoy!
  14. Lucky you! Don't forget to share some pics of your good deals!
  15. wow! Impressive. Hope you wont have to run to catch the bus in these!
  16. Love the color too. We'll done. I have a pair of stiletto booties in this color too, love them Lucky guy! I also recall a teacher of mine in 1st grade having knee high stiletto boots in this color. Loved them!
  17. Wow, quite something!! Mmmm...and they have my sizeWow, quite something!! They look really good quality, and I love that rear zipper. Mmmm...and they have my size
  18. Thanks for the update! And I totally hear you
  19. Ditto the above. It all fits you very well mate, well done
  20. I have made a similar journey to you, @JeffB. Never liked them much, till I saw a cute pair with stiletto heels, and since then have 'seen the light' and have a few pairs now. They have the added benefit of being easy to put on and off and wear as well, when wearing jeans or trousers. Knee highs though will always be my favorite!
  21. Agreed. I think they look a bit off too... Even ankle height boots took me a while to start liking..
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