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  1. Ahhhh got it!! PS. Great looking boots!!
  2. what does that mean?? Too much what? (can you tell I'm getting offended on behalf of all knee high boot lovers world wide??)
  3. I've posted these before, so no big revelations, but just wanted to share. My Fioni ankle boots with skinny jeans. They are SUCH a great fit (Size 11 US) and really comfortable. 4.5" heel with a small platform. I could wear these for hours, and I really like their look. Wearing skinny jeans (which may not be as super skinny as some of you wear) really seems to encourage wearing heels and boots with them! Is that just me??
  4. They look AMAZING. I love the style too, and have a couple just like these. Are they knee high boots?
  5. Great looking heels @bailey. Agreed about the lock - kind of cheapens the look?
  6. Wow, amazing, that's really big of her...
  7. Totally with you - pretty much on every word (except that I don't heel publicly at all) - but in the most important thing in my life (wife, kids and fam) and not wanting to jeopardize that. Bonus points for her taking an interest still. Maybe she doesn't feel threatened by it (knowing she wont be with you in public), so feels she can still communicate with you about it in a 'safe' way for her.
  8. Well done @chesterx - they are great looking pumps!
  9. Thanks for the thumbs up! unfortunately now - working from home last night ;-)
  10. * * * Working late tonight, all is quiet - time for some enjoyable boot wearing as I catch up a little. Chose my knee high wedge boots, from Public Desire. They were a great buy - one of my first pairs in fact, at only £10 on sale. Somehow, that might have been the only pair of boots (or heels in general) from them I actually have ever liked... most of their stuff seems too "out there" for my liking. I guess directed at the youngsters these days who don't know how to appreciate good classic looking boots The wedge heel is about 3.5" - a great comfy height. A nice modest thump as I walk around making myself a nice cuppa tea. The heel is a slender style, what @Cali would call stiletto wedges. The faux suede is so soft - really lovely to wear, but these are not for the coldest weather, as the shaft has no lining, and is quite thin.
  11. Cute booties, @JeffB, and rest of the outfit too. Good move on the jacket
  12. Was wondering the same thing. Also, almost a pity to hide thigh highs under jeans
  13. Agreed, @HHMafia - especially about the pump side of the algorithm. Boots can also be tight though - it really depends on the style, manufacturer etc..
  14. A voice of reason in the crowd :-D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day working from home... and today I selected another pair of ASOS flat boots, this time my own - knee high, slouch style, that I have had for a year or 2. They are a size UK 9, but a little on the narrow side. Bit of a squeeze to put them on, but once on, feel great. The (faux) suede is delicious - so soft to the touch, and a very comfortable lining too. A low heel of 1-1.5", that make a nice clip-clop noise as I walk. The slouch style doesn't allow them to be hidden inside pants... so over it is! https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-capital-slouch-knee-boots/prd/8039772?ctaRef=my orders Read about when my wife wanted to wear these: https://hhplace.org/topic/24422-jeremys-heel-stories-pictures-thoughts/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-395823
  15. I hear ya.... I think most boots are up from UGGs!
  16. Keep your eyes peeled, as they used to say in the A-Team
  17. I used to enjoy reading about your adventures! Hope all's well!
  18. Yup, agreed - thanks!! My toes often get cold, wonder if wearing boots like this more often would help. Hope all's well by you?
  19. Hiya all. Today being nice and chilly, I decided to borrow my wife's flat Nine West knee high leather boots - with fluffy "sheep skinned" lining. We bought them a couple of years ago from a Nine West outlet that opened near us for a short while. They had much more exciting boots (heeled!), but these were the ones that fit... and my wife liked them! They are a size 10M, and are very comfortable fit. Reeeeeealllly cosy to wear. I can see why my wife likes them so much. They have an interesting outside zip, which I'm debating whether its more user-friendly or not... not that I have a choice though The leather is really soft and luxurious, very well made. Almost makes up for them being flat heeled Cant imagine what these must have cost at full price.
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