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  1. Some small heeling/booting updates here. My wife and I have been going through some very troubling times over the past 2 years. She has been suffering from various emotional issues, and its brought us into dire straights. I have confided in a few of you guys over the years. Thankfully, things are (very) slowly, improving, after a many hours of therapy, marriage counselling included. There are good days, and bad days. Yesterday was a bit of both, but we had planned a night out after a doctor's appointment, and we stuck to it, despite a difficult session in the morning. We planned that my wife would pick me up from work and we would go straight through. Soon after we started driving, I noticed my wife was wearing boots - and she showed me they were her heeled boots! and told me that she had especially put them on for me, for our night out. Now, anyone who is an avid reader of mine :-) will know that my wife hardly ever wears heels anymore (she has tossed out most of them, or handed them down to me), and even boots are not common fort her, as she says she feels the heat a lot. Over the years, I would pass humorous comments here and there suggesting boots, but I usually just get a chuckle and then she chooses some flat ballerina type shoes in the winter - or (gasp!) slip slops/thongs in the summer.... So, I was really touched that she thought of doing this for me. She looked great in them, and I enjoyed seeing her in them, and the way they changed her walk... she reported back that they were really comfortable and manageable, and would definitely wear them more often, just that she isn't used to the heel. I told her its just a matter of getting used to them again. She even said I wonder what it would be like wearing them to work (she now works a long 8-9 hour shift at a shop...). I doubt that would happen, but even just hearing her say that seems way out of character - in a good way I think. So that was a really fun evening. The boots themselves are a lovely pull-on style with soft suede and a kitten heel (roughly 2.5") from M&S she/we bought a few years ago. Some snaps below and you can read more about them here. Now to another update, hot from this morning's press. I'm working home today, after having gone to an early morning run and then dropping everyone off at school and work. I decided that it should definitely be a morning in boots. But unfortunately having my MIL living with us now, means I cannot wear my stiletto's much! So I chose a more under-cover pair- they are mid-calf, flat and a very comfy slouchy suede style. The soles are rubber, so they make a lovely silent delicate sound as one walks around. I decided I would push my boundaries just a little (which is still no where close to many of you guys). I needed to get to a storage unit of ours and put stuff in, and remove other stuff. We were also supposed to get a grocery delivery during the morning, and I decided today would be the day. As you can see, these are very much under the radar - especially when worn under my chinos as I did, so its pretty much a none issue, unless someone takes a closer look and sees the style. The zip is mostly hidden. so first, while busy in and out of the storeroom, walking in and out of our place - not many people around, but at some point, the neighbor above us came passed and we chatted a little. I had the feeling that she looked down, but behind her sun glasses, i could not tell. Even if she did think she saw something, it was a split second - she didn't show anything, and I doubt she'll say anything to anyone. (She was actually wearing a really cute ankle boot with a small heel!) She then proceeded to drive away and life went on (read - the world continue to rotate, as some of you say!). I then continued my chores and then the delivery came, the 2 guys brought the stuff in, but also didn't seem to show anything, and I doubt noticed anything anyway. Interestingly, my MIL then came out to help, and chatted with me as usual, certainly didn't say anything. I doubt she even noticed. So all in all - only one of very few 'outings' I have had in boots, and its felt nice. and interaction with at least 4 people - which is definitely first for me! I am sure it would be more noticeable even while wearing my other flat boots, which have a plastic heel - and they make much more of a clip-clop sound as one gets around. Anyway - I lovely day and some nice small achievements too! Here are the boots (still wearing them!)
  2. @KneeBooted, yours looks great, but the wife's look better ;-) there is just more to see!
  3. @Loverboot, well played! Superb looking heels. You manage well in them?
  4. Yeah, that's very cool Looking forward to hearing about this week's Friday encounters!
  5. Yeah I know mate. Just being friendly!
  6. Welcome back mate (not that you ever disappeared!)
  7. A nice look, @chesterx!
  8. So sorry to hear... as you say - you are above them, and thankfully - this is a small minority. really great boots, as others have said! Touche - being wearing boots like that
  9. Nice going @KneeBooted I'd say #1 for the more casual day to day look, and #2 for the more dressy going out option.
  10. Great looking boots. Just watch your head for that pipe/duct
  11. will see if I can get it into conversation.... (she said it like 2 years ago... but i still remember it!) - I think she just meant kind of non-standard, more fashionable/stylish shoe, rather than one's more casual loafer or sports show, which are so common...
  12. @Mr. X - I could actually hear @JeffB's voice in your story telling here
  13. Thanks mate! I don't wear them out... but would consider it maybe (not over my jeans though... ), and even my wife has commented that they probably wont get much notice and can pass as men's "French shoes" (her words) hehe - thanks. and yes - I don't enjoy wearing them a lot, and the right shoes can really make the outfit, as you say (make or break!) I have quite a few pairs of boots - wish I could just pick, choose and wear more often, but the circumstances are just not suitable, for various reasons (it is what it is)
  14. Great new booties
  15. Today was (still is) a day for some flat boots with my skinny (skinnyish...) jeans.... The black OTK is a pair from ASOS I have had for almost 2 years (to the day, in fact). The wife got a matching pair in "hazelnut brown", but has since given them to me, as they tend to slip down, and that annoys her. I love the feel of an OTK boot that goes so high and pulls on the jeans and legs beneath The brown pair is my wife's - you can see the leather needs a bit of attention, but being leather, they have a delightful lining inside, which makes them a pleasure to wear - warm and cosy. My wife says they are the favourite pair. I love the casual look and feel (even though its no substitute for heels, right!) - as well as the hollow sound as I walk, so different to the solid noise of high heels.
  16. hehe - so true! Hope all's well, enjoy yours too (afternoon I guess, by now?) :-) hehe - I like your thinking! Agreed... and I think you know which one I chose too!
  17. This morning's deliberation.... Your thoughts?
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